We are a social entrepreneurship venture founded by a group of experienced graduates from the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai.

           There are around 60 entrance examinations available for 10+2 students across the country.  Most of the parents know hardly 5 to 6 entrance exams.  However, barring a few, most students do not have access to information and guidance that will help them to choose a career best suited to their aptitude and interest. Even parents who are well educated do not have the time and expertise to keep themselves informed of the latest developments in fields not in their area of expertise.

After the XI Plan, the central government has started many new institutions creating many avenues in different areas like engineering, research, integrated sciences, space research, manufacturing, design, architecture, medical, agriculture, etc.  Earlier our Indian institutions offered only vertical education, but now there are trans-disciplinary courses introduced to meet job market demands.  But awareness is poor among students and parents. 


We have been through the same problem many years ago. Over the years, when young friends and relatives came to us for advice, we realized that this confusion about career choices was the norm rather than the exception. We have set out on a mission to create awareness among the student and parent communities so that their choices are made armed with information.


We want to make the parents realize that their notions of a successful career path have long since changed! We want them to realize that the world has become a much better place to study, work and grow in the last few years.


For more information, kindly visit www.indiacollegefinder.org  

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