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An Indian from heart who wishes to see glorious days for his country somewhere in near future, a promising boy ready to contribute to the welfare of livelihood and the development of the society around, with the fortune to turn the heads leading to the progress of a "massive" nation, I am a dynamic boy, who was born and brought up in a small township in the eastern ghats of Orissa- the place we know by "Damanjodi".

I did my 14 years of schooling from the Delhi Public School and I am thankful to the Govt. of India which has shown its immense contribution to have supported our family so much. The reason why I say that? One can find the clues to it if one is interested enough to delve into our family's past. Mrs.India Gandhi during 1972 Bangladesh War, NALCO's shadows never letting us feel the drop and now, NTPC Ltd. to have stood up and thought I was eligible to be employed by them.

I am someone whose family migrated from Bangladesh (a place called Moimoisingha, near Dhaka) during the 1947 wars, to India. My ancestors settled down at Jamshedpur but somehow, had to battle out a stiff road to establish themselves, at least to have two meals a day. Hearing those tales of childhood from my dad and not to forget, my grandma, one shall applaud my dad’s enormous hard work and then God’s grace to behold a family that leads a much better lifestyle today in comparison to theirs (forget the competition part).My dad lost his father in his childhood (his father served a while in the Indian Navy as a Sailor), had his three sisters and as expected, responsibilities rested upon him as a teenager. But there was my Grandma. She supported him the best way possible by emptying the kitchen at night so that my dad could peep through the pages of his books with the help of a 60W bulb. This was just one of the many struggles to exemplify the combat. He was sent to a Bengali medium school at Jamshedpur (Shyama Prasad High School) for a mere 100/-per month, paid the fees through the grandpa’s pension (still the inspiring source of livelihood for my grandma).Guess what?—he ranked 17th in the District in class XII and more than that he got a prestigious seat with the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.

After five years of B.Tech he landed up with National Mineral Deposit Corp. (NMDC) and then finally settled down with NALCO, one of the India’s leading Aluminium producers today.

Today, I am a graduate from the National Institute of Technology,Warangal(came here having cleared AIEEE) thanks to FIITJEE ltd. and all my friends and teachers there who supported me immensely. God knows, I do feel that there must be some spark in me that catches the attention of the people around.

No, I am really thankful to the Lord -now don't draw conclusions that this boy must be freak about religion and blah blah blah- but wait a minute, I am speaking straight from my heart and I know that each one of us has that soft corner for that eternal glow in us which always, has wanted us to walk the right path but everytime have we, but, ignored the call !

Why I speak for him? Well, actually he is my best friend who has really stood by me whenever I required someone to stand by, whenever I was alone, whenever I stood on a battlefield- he was there for me and then, it didn't really matter whom I was fighting against- you know the secret !

A friendly boy but regret- I don't drink, neither do I smoke, a NO dancer and I know why half of you must be logging out of this site now :-)


Well, it was rather a struggle for me and being from a middle class family, it was difficult to define such a path. I have had a penchant for writing though. I sometimes, with the push of the school teachers, used to contribute articles. Was interested in reading books- sometimes scientific and may be sometimes Non-Fiction, rarely fiction. However, I started this journey when I was accorded with my article "The Game called life" which threw a scientific vision upon life and may-be its creation. And then the journey really begun with "Our universe" and then, I had a short stint of competition with the Times of India's CEB early 2010. I did struggle with my short story "A Mysterious Encounter" which was eventually taken by PublishAmerica,Baltimore. I was a novice then, and earned nothing out of that deal, still was a good experience about publishers and publishing.
Then, I struggled really hard with "pehchaan" which was eventually supported by Mr.Pinaki Ghosh of Kolkata and it was in-fact my first publication in the Indian market. I hope people would like reading through it.

Now, I got a really big break with Leadstart Publishers,Mumbai for my Work "der deutsche sommer" - which is kinda travel/memoir one can say, capturing glimpses around Europe. I hope to click well with "der deutsche sommer" and that will also help me in future.

After all, everything is a learning and an experience which matters in the long run. I thank the lord for everything I have today and no repenting upon anything.

                                                                               AS A FIRM BELIEVER OF THE LORD

Yes, I do believe in the existence of a force that has really played a role in shaping up the universe and the surrounding around us. Personally, from childhood I had no support and faced competition every day- parental expectations, friends' competition, teachers, family and the society around - oh! they are brutal in fact. Well, in Damanjodi, there was't any real support that a child can't find. He has to mark his own stance to come out as a winner. So, as expected, I didn't take any tuitions, neither was there any help from Parents or Teachers. Only- u and ur pen. Those were the days, and especially after class X, I did really feel an energy that guided me throughout.

I believe in his existence because this is the force that has guided me throughout- it may be class XII resurgence at School, may be the rank at AIEEE(I wasn't a great student or a performer at FIITJEE and always struggled), my days at college weren't that sweet that I can recall anything special( I was kind of out of any major groups). In fact I was categorised as a state-out candidate where you are out of any states or groups and have to march your own. So, yes the college days were kind-of rough but his presence never let me feel down and it was actually because of all these, I looked for opportunities outside the college walls and I landed up into the Indian market , the media and networking which is really dynamic and has helped me a stand.

And then, there was DAAD after the 3rd year. All this was possible because of one force that stood by me throughout the journey and why shouldn't I mention that force to be my best friend !

                                                                                                   AS A SPORTS LOVER

I do love sports and in-fact used to play a lot of cricket. I was with the DKS Sports Complex, Kolkata and also with a team at school. We used to play cricket together and cherish every moment of it. Even today, I love to play the game and given a chance, can bat and field well. Although balling standards have gone down, I am still a difficult batsman to knock his stumps off . I am sure, Indian sports is going good and would really love India to be a world heavyweight in sports.