Welcome to Independent Tennessee!

Do you vote half-heartedly, or not at all, because you don't want to encourage partisan politics?

Then you must be an Independent Tennessean! 

Do you feel that the political parties and their candidates represent special interest groups and not you. Are we taxed without representation? I thought that is why we revolted against the English monarchy. Our system was designed for a peaceful revolution but the political parties have hijacked that system. Both parties have problems with corruption

Seriously folks, we at Independent Tennessee, believe the most urgent problem of our generation is the drop in voter participation, the rise in political corruption in both parties, and the erosion of American democracy itself. 

42% of Americans are self-identified independent voters. That's about 2.6 million Tennesseans! But we remain unorganized as a political force with which to be reckoned. 

Join the independent movement across the Volunteer State to clean up, open up and take back Tennessee -- of, by and for ALL the people of Tennessee! 

Join Independent Tennessee and join the movement to clean up and open up the Tennessee voting process.

Check out our national organization, IndependentVoting.org, at www.independentvoting.org or www.cuip.org, so you can find our other state affiliates and join the national independent political reform movement.

Primary Tasks

Out goal is to return the government to the people. We plan to do this through: 

  1. Open Primaries
  2. Election Administration Reform
  3. Initiative and Referendum
  4. Redistricting Reform
  5. Ballot Access Reform
  6. Direct Election for the Presidency
  7. Same Day Voter Registration