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  • An independent contractor is a natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement.
  • One who is retained to perform a certain act, but who is subject to the control and direction of another only as to the end result and not as how he performs the act. The critical feature, and what distinguishes an independent contractor and an employee or agent, is the right to control.
  • An individual or company who has agreed, in writing, with another party to perform a job or function on behalf of that party
    tax calculator
  • A Money Detective tool designed to allow you to work out how much tax you are paying and what your net after tax salary should be. You can also use this to work out what your new take home pay would be if you got a pay rise or changed jobs.
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Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements
Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements
Contract with confidence with this easy-to-use guide.Whether you're contracting your services to others or hiring independent contractors to work for you or your business, it's essential to get everything in writing -- if you don't, you could lose time, money and credibility.Consultant and Independent Contractor Agreements gives you the plain-English instructions and easy-to-use forms you need to keep within the law, stay out of trouble and get the job done.If you're an independent contractor...Take the legal steps necessary to document each new project that comes your way -- if you get audited, you'll be glad you did. This easy-to-use book gives you all the tools you need to: put your agreement in writing; define a project's scope, components and duration; satisfy IRS requirements; get paid on time and in full; avoid disputes with clients; drum up new business. If you're hiring independent contractors...Using freelancers can get you great results and save you money -- but you need to know what it takes to avoid the ire of the IRS while protecting your business and intellectual property. Here's everything you need to: put your agreement in writing; define a project's scope, components and duration; satisfy IRS requirements; protect your trade secrets, trademarks, patents and copyrights; avoid disputes with independent contractors; get your money's worth. This edition is completely updated to provide the latest rules and regulations for businesses and contractors.

My "Consultant" Face
My "Consultant" Face
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independent contractor tax calculator
Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Self-Employed People & Independent Contractors: Help for self-employed individuals who did not keep itemized income and expense records during the business year.
FOUR HOURS TO TAX FRENZY FREEDOM When April 15th gets close, self-employed people all across the United States go into tax frenzy. These independent contractors become unnecessarily stressed out, putting their business on hold, while they deal with a disorganized pile of receipts and paperwork that sits between them and an audit-proof tax return. This ANNUAL TAX MESS ORGANIZER explains how to get on top of that paperwork quickly, allowing you to satisfy the IRS and get back to work in four hours or less. All you need to make the organizer work is one spiral notebook with lined paper, 25 large envelopes, an adding machine and an empty table or desk top. Step by step, this book shows you how to: • Sort your own receipts • Understand what the IRS expects • Organize information for you or your tax preparer The examples in this basic ANNUAL TAX MESS ORGANIZER will work for most professions. It includes a variety of examples and situations that can be applied to all types of self-employment situations. The author has also written a number of industry-specific organizers; those contain examples and situations pertaining only to that particular industry. For those who have always prepared their own personal tax return, there is a chapter on how to fill out the small business Schedule C. Self employment taxes, 1040 entries, and other deductions available to the independent contractor are also explained.