Why should you wrestle?



Top 10 Reasons to wrestle:

10.  Olympic Sport:  Wrestling is the OLDEST Olympic sport, the original Olympic sport!!!

9.   Nutrition and Weight Management:  Wrestling will help you learn what to eat and what not to eat.  Although some wrestlers decided to shed a couple pounds during the season, weight loss is NOT mandatory. 

8.  Mental toughness:  Wrestlers learn to be both mentally and physically tough.  It takes a tremendous amount of toughness to pick yourself up off the mat after a loss.

7.  Physical Fitness:  You will never be in better shape in your life, then when you wrestle.  Wrestling will improve your balance, reflexes, strength, endurance and agility.  The legendary Dan Gable once said “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” 

6.  Self-Defense:  Wrestling teaches you body position, how to control an opponent, to defend against different types of attacks and toughness. 

5.  Confidence:  When you wrestle, you can’t rely on anyone but yourself.  You have to be accountable for your own success and failure.  For this reason, wrestlers must be confident.

4.  Discipline:  To be successful in the sport of wrestling you have to be disciplined.  You can’t show up to practice whenever you want, you can’t just compete on the days that you feel like it, and you can’t treat your body in ways that are harmful.  Wrestling takes discipline to be successful. 

3.  Education/Scholarships:  Numerous colleges and university offer scholarships for men’s and women’s wrestling.  All collegiate levels offer wrestling, Division I, II, III, NAIA and Junior College. 

2.  Fun:  Nothing feels better than winning a big match for you team and for yourself.  Knowing you are better than your opponent and getting your hand raised is an amazing feeling.  Being a member of the wrestling

1.  Wrestling is for EVERYONE:  Anyone can wrestle, too big, too small, there is a weight class for you!  It is never too late to start!!!   

ANYONE can wrestle and if you work hard enough, you can be a champion!!!

Forbes Magazine wrote an article on why wrestlers make the best employees!  Check it out...

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If you are football player, wrestling will benefit you! 

The majority of the skills that are need to be a good football player are taught through wrestling.  A good football player needs agility, quickness, speed, balance, hand fighting, toughness, and tackling to name a few.  All of these skill sets are worked on daily through wrestling.  Lifting weights is extremely important for athletes and you can lift weights anytime but the training you get from wrestling can’t be duplicated in the weight room. 

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“I love wrestlers, they are tough, and make great football players.”  - Mike Stoops – Head Coach Oklahoma University


“Wrestlers make coaching football easy, they have balance, coordination, and as a staff we know they are tough.”  Tom Osborne, Hall of Fame Coach, University of Nebraska


“I would have all my offensive linemen wrestle if I could” - John Madden, Hall of Fame Coach. 


“I’ve never seen a good wrestler turn out to be a bad football player.” – Kirk Ferentz, National & 2x Conference Coach of the year, University of Iowa.

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A few notable NFL players that WRESTLED:

Ray Lewis – Baltimore Ravens (2x State Champion)

Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons (2x State Champion)

Warren Sapp – Tampa Bay, Oakland (FL State Champion)

Lorenzo Neal – 4x Probowler, NCAA All-American, Baltimore Ravens

Rhonde & Tiki Barber – Bucs and Giants

Mike Golic – Eagles (ESPN broadcaster)

Roger Craig – Hall of Fame

Archie Griffen – Bengals

Teddy Bruschi - Patriots


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You are a football player and you are not sure if you should join wrestling?  Here are a couple articles to read relating Football & Wrestling:









The season starts October 31st!!!