Spring/Summer Wrestling 2017

Summer Wrestling Camps



Spring Tournaments:




Pigeon Forge Trip:  May 30th to June 2nd


Depart on the 30st around 10 am, return on June 2nd around 5 pm. 


Cost between $60 - $100 depending on how many sign up


Staying in a cabin, last two days of the trip the team competes in a dual tournament.  Need 3-5 adults to attend as well. 


All food, lodging and wrestling are included in the price.  Will need extra cash for food on drive to and from the trip.   



June 6th & 7th POSTPONED, NEW DATE COMING SOON – Youth Camp for rising 9th graders and younger


All wrestlers are expected to help with the camp. 


This is a team fundraiser


June 15th to June 18th – UTC Camp


Depart on June 15th around 10 am, return on the 18th around 2 pm


$375, paid online directly to UTC


Registration link:  https://www.totalcamps.com/UTCWRESTLING/camps/2017_team_camp_ii/_blJ/registration/options?st=xca497Tg.


Camp fee includes lodging and 3 meals a day.  Will need a little extra spending money for snacks and things. 



June 22nd to 25th – Mizzou Camp


Depart at 5 am on the 22nd, return on the 25th around 10 pm.


$380 + $20 travel expense = $400 total, will be paid online when registration opens up. 


Camp fee includes lodging and 3 meals a day.  Will need a little extra spending money for food on the drive to and from

Registration link:  https://www.totalcamps.com/MISSOURIWRESTLINGCAMPS/camps/2017_tiger_style_team_camp/_bbP/registration/options?st=6cd74BT6




Offseason Point System: 

The teams are..


How Points are scored:

  • Attend weights/workout – 3 pts per person
  • Attend Wrestling Practice – 2 pts per person
  • Help with Youth Camp – 10 pts per person, per day
  • Attend Pigeon Forge Trip – 15 pts per person
  • Attend UTC Camp – 25 pts per person
  • Attend Mizzou Camp – 25 pts per person
  • Attend Extra Multi Day Camp – 50 pts per person
  • Attend a 1 day camp – 25 pts per person
  • Live Matches – 2 pts per match (4 pts for girls)
  • Compete in Fitness Challenge- 25 pts

Team captains will be responsible for updating their point totals through a google form/website.   Point totals will be updated on Sundays, Coach will send text reminder to update points.  Link will be posted on this page as well. 


Winning team will receive the following:

  • Custom Indy Off-season singlet
  • Custom Indy Shoes
  • Overnight Trip to 6 flags (Georgia or Kentucky)



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