Spring/Summer Wrestling 2019

We have scheduled multiple tournaments, trips, and camps throughout the months of April, May and June, our off-season for the 2019-20 season.  We will then take our extended break from July to October to focus on weight training.  

 For full competition and practice schedule will be completed by the end of February.  This off-season program starts right after spring break.  

·        April 5th to 7th:   Brute Nationals @ Kansas City (Semi-Advanced Group)

·        April 6th  @ Bartlett, Memphis (FS/GR)

·        April 13th @ Blackman, Murfreesboro (Folk, FS, GR)

·        April 27th Ohio Tournament of Champions (Advanced Group)

·        May 4th @ Bradley, Chattanooga (FS/GR)

·        May 11th @ Summit (FS/GR)

·        May 24th – 26th Southeast Regional, Atlanta (FS/GR) (Advanced Group)

·        May 28 to May 31st– Pigeon Forge

·        June 1st – Grapple on the Gridiron

·        June 8th – Centennial Tournament

·        June 10th to 14th – Nebraska Camp

·        June 19th to 22nd - Ohio State Camp


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