Needed to Join the Team


Here at Independence, ANYONE, male or female can join the wrestling team.  As long as you have a good work ethic, want to better yourself and can be coached, you will be a good fit for wrestling!  To join the team we need a couple things as we approach the start of the season in middle of October. 

1.  A copy of an updated Physical & Emergency Treatment Form (found at
2.  $50 Athletic Fee paid to IHS
3.  Wrestling Shoes
4.  Workout Clothing, shorts and t-shirts to wear to practice
5.  An email address to add to our distribution list

That is all you need!

Independence wrestling is a very competitive team and we are know for producing State Champions and success men and women.  We want to keep our traditions alive and we cannot do that without new members to our team.  Even if your student doesn't have any wrestling experience, no problem!  We start each season by teaching the basics and by the time it is all said and done, all of our wrestlers will better themselves both mentally and physically! 

A few other important things to consider:
  • Our main fundraising activity is Vandy Football.  check out the link to the left
  • Pre-season workouts have started:  Mondays 3 to 5, Wednesdays 6-7am, Friday 6-7am

If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.  or call my classroom at 615-472-4600 ext 2586. 


Coach Grindstaff