Common law vs law of jungle by Lawful Man

The phrase 'kill or be killed' is a phrase of war, not law. Natural Law is the living effect of the Laws of Nature. A mother protecting her offspring is Natural Law. The biological processes necessary to produce offspring is a matter of the Laws of Nature.

While the Laws of Nature are universal, oxygen is oxygen whether here on earth or on the other side of the galaxy; Natural Law as it exists on earth can only be confirmed to exist here.

It is as reasonable to expect that a form of Natural Law would exist on other worlds as it is to expect that other worlds exist.

The commonly known phrase, 'survival of the fittest', the so-called 'law of the jungle', is a form of Natural Law. While the phrase seems at first to bespeak of the benefits to the one who is fittest, it does not necessarily indicate an individual. The Common Law of Man, observed correctly, makes Existence itself 'the fittest', according to the mentioned dictates of Natural Law.

Common Law

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