IND has completed very successful fall and winter semesters with virtual course sessions.  We, our instructors and our students all adapted well to getting together in the little boxes on our computer or phone screens.  

Even so, we all wish that we could return to holding our classes in person, and are hoping that Covid-19 will soon be conquered by the vaccines that are on the way.  Until then we must continue with remote learning in the Spring 2021 semester.

On the left is a list titled "Navigation."  Click on "IND Spring 2021 Semester."  This will take you to the page where you can see the course brochure, registration forms and calendar for our various subjects:            literature, music, politics, travel, history, sociology, economics, science, current events and more.

2/23/21  Note: Until February 22nd the course brochure had an error in the time for course #431.  The right time is 1:00 - 2:30 pm, and the brochure is now corrected.  If you registered based on the wrong time, please revise your schedule accordingly.