Introducing The World's First "Contagious" Zombie Toy!
"Infect" an INFECTIBLE (TM) and get a "Virus Key" to infect the next figure, doll, or plush. 
Finally - a zombie toy that actually acts like a zombie!


Incredible Infectibles are not just an incredible product, but an idea that will "Change" the industry!

1) No product like it! Doesn't have to be zombies. Think vampires, aliens, etc.
2) Infectibles are a "Walking Advertisement." Each doll requires a "Brain Key" from another doll to change.  Once transformed, it reveals a new "Brain Key" to spread the infection to another doll. This concept can go on forever!
3) Can be licensed to other "established" lines such as Transformers, Monster High, Marvel, etc. 

Sincerely, Dr. Troy Saling

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Lawyer Disclaimer
Provisional Patent Pending and Copyright. Any stealing of images/ideas will result in a swift and horrible zombie-like death. Been on-line for approximately 2.5 years...will sue (eat) you if any copyright problem..Since 2012