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Last updated 26th October 2013

(SkyBee in Finished Stuff and Leviathan)

Hello and welcome to my site. It's my first attempt at a website so you'll have to excuse it for being a bit shabby but i'll be fiddling with it to get it looking better over time.

My name's Phil Salton, i'm 44 years old and live in Essex in the Uk after moving from Barrow-in-Furness back in 05.

I'm an modelmaker who specialises in sci-fi hardware of all kinds, mainly scratchbuilt or kitbashed but have done a few kits from time to time.

 This is me and my son Steven at a model show somewhere in the north of England a few years ago.

And i'd like to thank Scott of Scalemodeladdict for mentioning me in his Youtube video's.

Finished stuff

Work in progress:

Pulse Rifle



Colonial Viper (Starhound?) fighter MK 1                                    

Colonial Viper MKII (Moebius Models)      

Other things on my bench...

Other Stuff

Toner Cartridge models

Millenium Falcon toy upgrade

Polar Lights Enterprise refit

X-wing upgrade


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