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 Internet Jobs: 

        Are you Searching for Home jobs such as online data entry, offline data entry, home business, earning money from your site, google adsense,  advertising etc. Most of the people see internet as a communication device or an entertainment device. But the truth is that internet is never limited to the two terms. It can be even a money making machine.

        There are millions of internet based jobs that can be done by sitting at home. It includes data entry jobs, offline and online data entry jobs, advertising, online consultancy,  google adsense, online marketing…… and so on. 

Data Entry Jobs:

            You might have heard of data entry jobs. Its one of the most popular home job. There are two types of data entry jobs. Online data entry and Offline data entry. 

            Let me explain how this data entry job works. As the name 'data entry' suggests it is a job where the data provided to you has to be entered. That is data provided in one format have to be entered into another format. To get started you have to first enroll yourself to a company or an institution providing you with data entry jobs. Then they would provide you with “the data”. These data will be either a file with extension “.PDF” or it can be also an image file, your job is to make it into a “word document” or a “*.doc” document. As Simple as that! If you feel lazy enough to sit and entry each of the documents, then don’t worry, you can have software converters that will do the job for you. But before that, there are institutions that are strictly against the use of this software, so if you don’t want to sit and do the entry you have to specifically see to it that software usage is not prohibited or not.

Online data entry jobs: There are many companies who provide online data entry. Like other jobs here you dont have to work for 8-10 hours a day. You have to work only 1-2 hours a day. The online data entry company will tell you what time you should work for them. They will provide some simple jobs such as entering the consumer details, converting some type of file to other, type some conversations into text file, etc.

Offline data entry jobs: There are many companies that offer offline data entry jobs too. Here you can work whenever you want to work. Morning, noon, evening, mid-night or whenever you want you can work. That too only for 1 or 2 hours a day. If you already have a job, dont worry you can take this data entry job as part time job. Mostly the job will be to enter a data from one file format to text format. Most of the time data is image file or pdf file. you have to simply type these data into a word file and send back to the company. Here you get paid for number fo pages you type.


        Advertisements are very important part of today’s business. A business without advertisement is impossible today. Also it is such a field that a single person doing the ads or a small group doing the ads won’t be enough at all. So it is obvious that companies would look for online advertisers. You could get enrolled to such companies and they would provide you with a list of free classifieds and you have to post the ads in there; the more ads you post the more you get paid.
            Wait…………… I know you want to get started right away but I want to help you earn a bit more even without even you knowing…. Go to the next topic. I can assure you, that you will be thanking me for providing all these precious and important information for free.




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