Inchinnan Parish Church

Charity Reference No. SCO11778


You will appreciate lockdown has posed huge difficulties for us financially and we are having to use our very limited reserves to try to meet our commitments.

Since lockdown started at the end of March the only income for Inchinnan Parish Church has been from those members who give by standing order direct to our Bank Account. We have had no weekly offerings, no fundraising events and no income from people using the facilities of our Church Hall. This has brought sharply into focus the benefits of payments being made directly into our Bank and it would be of great help in trying to manage this situation as best we can in these difficult times if you would be happy to contribute to Church funds by using Internet Banking or standing order. If you could contact me on I will be happy to provide details of how you can do this. Thank you for your continuing support.

Elizabeth Cockburn


Members of the congregation can make regular contributions to the upkeep of the church by using FWO envelopes or by completing a Standing Order Mandate. Tax can be re-claimed by completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form. For further information contact the Treasurer.
Inchinnan Parish Church is funded by the generosity of its members (with tax reclaimed under the Gift Aid Scheme) and occasional gifts from organisations and individuals. If you wish to contribute to the upkeep and running costs of the church or wish to make a bequest or donation for a specific purpose or project, please contact the Church Treasurer, Please note we are unable to offer financial support for groups or individuals, although we do support recognised charities such as Christian Aid.

Treasurer: Elizabeth Cockburn



Elizabeth Cockburn, Bob Smith and Ann Gibson

Inchinnan Parish Church is a registered Scottish Charity SCO11778