Hall Lets

Our church halls are available for let when not being used by the Church or one of the organisations listed on our website. Please refer to our Church Calendar for details of What's on
The Main Hall          £20.00 per hour
The Stage Hall         £10.00 per hour
The Meeting Room    £8.00 per hour

For further information regarding available dates please complete the Hall Lets Enquiry Form and return to halllets.ipc@gmail.com

For availability regarding the use of the Sanctuary please complete the  Session House & Sanctuary Enquiry Form and return to the Minister e-mail AKnox@churchofscotland.org.uk

For availability regarding the use of the Session House please complete the  Session House & Sanctuary Enquiry Form and return to the Session Clerk: Liz McNeil 
e-mail: sessionclerk.ipc@gmail.com
Please Note:
  • If your request is granted you will be required to sign a Terms & Conditions of Let form
  • External lets will be required to provide a copy of their insurance documents 


1. All applications for use of halls/rooms must be made on the appropriate form and submitted to halllets.ipc@gmail.com . A decision on the application will be made after discussion at the next scheduled Kirk Session meeting.
2. Acceptance of use of halls/rooms is granted to the person making the application, and the organisation on whose behalf the application was made, and is not transferable.
3. The person applying for the use of the hall/room is personally responsible for ensuring that (i) the ‘Conditions of use of church premises and (ii) ‘Regulations for use of the kitchen’ are observed, and that good conduct is maintained at all times. Adequate stewarding for this purpose is the personal responsibility of the person making the application and they must also ensure that the number of persons attending shall be restricted to the capacity of the hall.
4. Charges will be made at the appropriate rate for the type of facility required. Payment should be made to the Treasurer and is required 14 days before the event.
5. All hall lets will be charged for unless 14 days’ notice of cancellation is given. 
6. The Tenants are responsible for any damage caused to the premises through their use of them. All breakages must be notified and paid for.
7. When Church crockery, utensils, tables and chairs are used all must be cleaned and stored away and any refuse removed. Tables, chairs should be returned to their normal storage place after use and must not be removed from the premises without permission Chairs should be stacked no more than 8 high and turned to face the wall.
8. No alcohol should be brought into, or consumed on the premises without permission from the Kirk Session
9. Bouncy castles and other inflatable devices are not allowed on the church premises Soft balls only should be used in the premises
10. Children should not be allowed on the stage and stage doors should be closed at all times when children are in the hall
11. The Tenants must comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations prescribed by the Local Authority if using the Kitchen for preparing food.
12. Cooking is only permitted in the kitchen. Food may only be prepared if there is a person present holding a Food Hygiene Certificate. Cooking of any kind elsewhere in the buildings is not permitted. Please do not touch any food items which are left in the fridge which do not belong to you. Children are not allowed in the kitchen unaccompanied.
13. The Tenants are responsible for ensuring that all doorways, passageways, exits and emergency exits and entrances are kept unobstructed at all times.
14. The Tenants must make themselves aware of the Fire Regulations and procedures in force for the premises and should keep a fire register.
15. No explosives, highly flammable spirits or liquid gas containers shall be brought into the premises and the use of naked lights in any part of the building is strictly prohibited.
16. Smoking is not allowed on the premises.
17. Any electrical items brought into the premises must be in good working order.
18. Do not adjust the heating controls in the halls.
19. By making an application for use of the halls/rooms, the person applying for such use accepts full responsibility for any accident, injury or damage to any person, or property, which may occur during or as a result of their use of the premises.
20. The Tenant should read and understand the relevant Church of Scotland Safeguarding materials relating to the safeguarding of children and young people and regulated work with protected adults and follow its provisions.
21. Data Protection- please note that the information you provide will be retained by us for as long as it is required for the purpose for which it was collected or unless you tell us otherwise. A copy of our full Privacy Notice can be found on our website
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