KIRK SESSION STRUCTURE
Action and Support Groups

At the January meeting of the Kirk Session in 2013 the new committee structure was put in place. We now have Action Groups - which are about our relationship with God and each other, and can be thought about as “looking up” (Worship), “looking in” (Pastoral) and “looking out” (Outreach). Our Support Groups provide the back-up required for the daily running of the Church and help the Action Groups and congregation as a whole serve God, each other and the people of this Parish and beyond.
The Action and Support Groups make reports as appropriate at the Session meetings. The Groups are as follows: 

Worship Action Group - James BreinganMarie Craig, Ann Knox, Elizabeth McNeil, Alex Orr, Len Seath.

Organist:  Gareth Bowman

The Worship Action Group look at all aspects of worship including the dates for special services such as Easter and Christmas and assist the minister with various aspects of worship. 

The Sound & Power point System is manned each Sunday by a team comprising of Liz McN, Shona McN, Sharron McF, Frazer B, Ian C, Tom McC and Elizabeth S.

Pastoral Action GroupMairi Semple, Betty Keith, Joyce McDerment, Ann McGinnigle, Gordon Graham, Pauline McCulloch and Liz Lang

Email: pastoral.ipc@gmail.com

The Pastoral Group look after the welfare of both the congregation and the wider church family. They visit the various organisations involved in the life of the church and offer support. They assist in the pastoral care of our members, and have been looking at different ways in which we, as a church, can improve communication and care for each other.

Safeguarding CommitteeSafeguarding Coordinators Lisa Mullin & Karen Christie

Email: safeguarding.ipc@gmail.com

This committee must exist in all churches and looks after the management of the Safeguarding within the church. This committee is a fixed size and makeup. 

Finance Committee   Elizabeth Cockburn (Treasurer), Bob Smith and Ann Gibson

This committee deals with all aspects of the church finance, church insurance and OSCR (charity) regulations. 

Outreach Action Group -  Sharron McFadzean, Fergus Lang, Liz Lang, Marie Craig, Ann Gibson

Our group looks at exploring ways to reach out to the people in the parish who are not church members. We have been involved in circulating leaflets with details of special services throughout the parish area.  Messy Church has started in Inchinnan and has been very successful, it continues to go from strength to strength. More recently a Men’s Club and a Baby & Toddler Group has started. The meeting room has been decorated, initially to allow the young people in our organisations to have somewhere to meet for a chat. We are always of looking for new ways to welcome people to Inchinnan Parish Church, so if you have any ideas please contact any member of the team.

Communication Support Group - Linda Reid (Convener), Kenny, Elizabeth McAdam, Anne Smith & Ann Gibson

Communication is a key element of our faith, as we are called to proclaim the gospel, and this is a vital aspect of church life. 

This group looks after the web site, Facebook Page, Contact magazine and the printing of the Worship Guide and Intimations. It is also developing communications within the congregation to cope with the developments taking place in I.T., and on the more traditional communications side of things, making sure our noticeboards are kept up-to-date. 

Hall lets now comes under the remit of the Communications Support Group

Stewardship Support Group  Elizabeth McAdam (Convenor) Morag Taylor, Margaret Campbell and Tom McConnell

This group is responsible for social events. In recognition of the social element of our faith - the scriptures are full of stories of people meeting together, eating and drinking together. 

Property Support Group - Len SeathDonald Robertson, Gordon Graham, Iain MacKail and Alex Orr

Our Property Convener works with a team who assist in the upkeep and maintenance of the property

Heating Co-ordinator - Gordon Graham

Fire Safety Officer - Elizabeth McAdam
Health & Safety Officer - Frazer Birch  Email:  healthandsafety.ipc@gmail.com

Data Protection Co-ordinator - Jim Breingan

With the exception of the Safeguarding Committee the membership of all the above Groups is open to any member of the congregation. You do not need to be an elder to be on a Group. If you are interested in assisting with the work of any of the above Groups, please see the appropriate convener. The Property Support Group and the Social and Fundraising Support Group in particular are in need of more members, and would welcome your ideas and enthusiasm. 


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