"Would you believe that all the gods that people have ever imagined are still with us today?"
-Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Ages past and present have seen the rise of many gods.  Sprung from the minds and hearts of mortals, they have received praise, prayer and sacrifice. For as long as there have been human minds to offer worship, gods of all shapes have walked the earth. Each has changed the course of history in his or her own way, some choosing to devote themselves to the well-being of their "subjects", others seeing them as little more than pawns in a much larger game. 

The age of myth has past, but the gods remain.  Some continue to take an interest in mortal affairs, others busy themselves with godly intrigue, sport, or other amusements. With this age coming to an end, and the course of the next still to be written, members of various pantheons see this as the time to act, to set their course for a new age. Tonight, deities of all forms will converge on Mount Olympus; some come to scheme, others to observe, to fight, or simply to socialize. Most come to shape the new age, to bestow new blessings (or wreak new terrors) upon the earth below, while a few may be content to fade with the passing of the old.

Incarna is a LARP loosely inspired by the works of Neil Gaimain, Joseph Campbell, Alan Moore, as well as numerous world mythologies.

Authors: Aaron S., Constantine H., Jerry S., Katie G., and Santo S.

GMs:  Katie G., Jamey P.