Essays & Studies in Literary Criticism

"Literary criticism provides the test for life and concreteness;
where it degenerates the instruments of thought degenerate too,
and thinking, released from the testing and energizing contact
with the full living
consciousness, is debilitated,
and betrayed to the academic, the abstract and the verbal.
It is of little use to discuss values if the sense for value
 - the experience and perception of value - is absent." 
F. R. Leavis

In-between: Essays & Studies in Literary Criticism is a bi-annual journal focused on English Literary Studies. Thirty-four issues have been published since 1992. New issues are published in March and September every year. In-between is an open journal. Special issues are  published occasionally. Scholars are invited to make submissions in their area of expertise.  All submissions received are peer-reviewed by the members of the Editorial Advisory Board as well as other scholars interested  in areas dealt with in submissions received.

Contents of In-between are listed / abstracted / annotated in Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, [ABELL], MLA International Bibliography and World Shakespeare Bibliography. For matters of usage and form authors should use the MLA style-sheet, fifth edition. Manuscripts should be original print-outs along with floppies / CD’s and may also be submitted as e-mail attachments along with hard-copies air-mailed. Title page and index are included in the September issue. A comprehensive index to volumes 1 to 15 (1992-2006) is appended to the combined March/September issue of volume 17 (2008).

ISSN:   0971-9474

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Subscription: Two years/four issues: Rs 400 / US$40  post-free. Life subscription for institutions is Rs 2,000/ US$200, and for individuals, Rs 1,500 / US$150  Single issue: Rs 100 / US$10.

Sample copies can be ordered free of charge. Requests can be sent to <in-between@rediffmail.com> with "sc 2010" in the subject line and a mailing address in the body of the email. No formal request is required.

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