A few of my hobbies are research. I like to break things and then try to fix them. Most of this occurs on my personal computer, in one month I must have installed the operating system 5-10 times. Until I learned my limits. Other things I like to research are open Source technologies, their uses and applications. My next favorite hobby would be cartoons and anime. I use to be a couch potato on cartoon network and any of the other cartoon channels. Now I have moved more to reading (fantasy and sci-fi) and working out using Wii Fit, Tae-Bo and Yoga.

Other things I enjoy in my spare time: roller blading, hiking, camping, boating, woodworking. Playing video, card and board games.  On the side I also do video editing for friends, family and as a hobby.  Since I seem to have more spare time as of recently, I have taken to putting this site together for others to enjoy.