Competition Categories

Choices concerning placement of entries should be made depending on which overall aspect(s) of an entry are to be judged. In some cases, instructions or suggestions for placement have been put in the Category and/or Subcategory explanations. In other cases, single items may be placed into alternate categories.

Example 1: A decorated leather belt, complete with buckle, strap ends, and other attached decorations, would be best placed in Clothing—Accessories.” Any of the decorative metal elements themselves would be more appropriately placed in Metalwork,” and the leather belt strip (without buckle or added decorative pieces), if tooled and/or decorated using strictly leatherworking techniques, might be better placed in “Leatherwork.” If the completed belt were placed in “Leatherwork,” only the leatherwork itself would be the focus of judging. If items cannot be disassembled and placed in the different categories, please place the entire entry in the best one single category.

Example 2: A wooden box, covered with highly tooled and decorated leather and decorated metal overlays and handmade hinges, could easily be entered in the “Leatherwork,” “Woodworking,” “Metalwork,” or “Camping & Homesteading” categories. If the most complex and visible portion was the leatherwork and the rest of the elements were not as well done, Leatherwork might be the category of choice. In “Woodworking,” only the woodwork portion of the box (here mostly structural) would be the focus of judging—this situation might be similar for “Metalwork.” For the finished item (i.e., the box itself including all of the decorative work) to be critiqued, the most appropriate category might be “Camping & Homesteading,” entering the box as a household item.

Category Information

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* Note: If you select the "Other" category, you must contact the Autocrat at dreux.danjou AT for approval.
This will help in arranging judges for your entry.

Alchemy Demonstration Projects Needlework
Arms & Armour Glass Other *
    Weapons Heraldic Display Performing Arts
    Armour Historical Combat     Music Performance
    Bowery/Fletching Instruments, Models, & Tools     Spoken Performance
    War Machines     Scientific Instruments     Dance Performance
Camping & Homesteading     Musical Instruments     Other Performance
Ceramics/Pottery     Hand Tools Spirits & Brewing
Clothing     Models     Beers, Ales, & Lagers
    Clothing: prior to 1100 AD Jewelry/Decorative Pieces     Cordials
    Clothing: 1100 AD–1430 AD Lace     Meads & Wines
    Clothing: 1431 AD–1599 AD Leatherwork Textile Arts
    Footwear Manuscript Arts     Non-woven
    Accessories     Paper- or Parchment-making     Woven
Culinary Arts     Calligraphy and/or Illumination Toys & Games
    Main Dishes     Printing Woodworking
    Breads     Cartography Writing
    Side Dishes     Bookbinding     Metrical Writing
    Sweet Dishes Metalwork     Non-metrical Writing
Decorative/Fine Arts Music Composition     Research Writing

    Other Writing