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There is a link at the bottom of this page showing locations for the known  areas with nature importance  

The Biodiversity Duty

Local Authorities have a Biodiversity Duty:   'You should be able to show your duty to have regard for conserving biodiversity if you have identified ways to integrate biodiversity in the planning system'

  • The underlying foundation of integrating biodiversity (and geodiversity) must be a map of wildlife and geological sites. This should show locations, boundaries and name the 'features of interest'
  • Brighton & Hove City Council have not even been able to provide this core information in OVER A DECADE!
  • Eco21st considers that the natural world is important to all of us. We all know about the Amazon rainforest being destroyed, and the mass extinction of many species due to human greed.
Think Global Act Local  
  • Not all of us have the time and money to see nature in the Amazon. But we do have time to see the wildlife which is literally on our doorstep. Within the Brighton & Hove boundary there are rare orchids. There are endangered bats and a variety of plants and animals. However they are rapidly disappearing!
  • Natural habitats are being built over and there is increasing fragmentation leaving only tiny pockets of land for these plants and animals to cling on to.
  • Find out where the local wildlife sites are. It may be a small copse near you where birds can still nest. 
  • And then help to safeguard these precious jewels of local nature.
In this way we can start to build up the jigsaw of wildlife sites and fill in the missing pieces. We can also keep a list of areas and species and measure their health. 
  • Is life improving for all across Brighton & Hove, or is it declining? 
  • Where are the major changes and what is the rate of change? 
Those Public Bodies with a formal Biodiverity Duty need to be held to account.

Many years ago Brighton & Hove City Council had an ecologist.  Now they obtain information from the County Ecologist who knows little about our local sites. The clearest current example of this is watching the decline in Stanmer Park's wildlife features. There were no comments or recommendations about the Parkland Habitat, or associated veteran trees and lichens.

The decline in our Council's interest in biodiversity since 2013 has been recorded below.

... is this the website you expected to see?

City Wildlife - Archive Image 1

Or the later one perhaps?

Archive Image 2

If you are looking for the CityWildlife website, originally covering the Brighton and Hove area on England's south coast, this is now all that remains!

Losing the website, and then the Domain Name is symptomatic of a system which does not genuinely care about nature conservation.

   Over 7000 species records were supplied by unpaid people across Brighton & Hove.

      They trusted  CityWildlife  to safeguard those records and use them wisely.  

By 2014 it was clear that all the records were unavailable from a dysfunctional website. And even worse, it was not possible to recover this massive amount of data from the CityWildlife database manager. Several requests were made, and each time it was the same answer: "Our ICT section are tied up on other work" ...  in other words they did not treat it as a high priority to recover this dataset.  A far cry from the claim of CityWildlife being 'the one stop shop'

Please leave comments on the CityWildlife project below.  It is too late to change the situation for the better now, but we can at least record our views. And perhaps even 'learn lessons' for the future.

QUESTION:  "I can see there was resistance to sharing the wildlife information with locals, but where are the wildlife sites now?"

A:  It is difficult to find out easily, which is a sad state of affairs.  This link will give you locations for the known areas with nature importance.

updated:  November 2020

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22/06/17  Fred
Why are our elected Councillors and well paid staff unable to facilitate even most basic of projects? Just yet another example of the Biosphere label so actively sought by the council completely failing in its ability to retain a sustainably led approach.
Even the awful BiosphereHere.org.uk branded website no longer works!
 1/08/17  rachel what a waste of time so green council isnt really green 
 6/11/17  Andy Evans What happened to biosphere? This was all over the local news last year but has just gone. All run out of money with austerity is my guess.
 18/01/18  Hove Mamma seagulls! LOL!!!!!!!!!
 1/05/18  Dr Seagull the national park is meant to look after natue so why is land inside hove kept for it as well. with no place for students or young people to live we now go to portsalde and worthing. prioritys all wrong at brighton council!!! 
 21/10/20 Green GeorgiaAMAZING WORK! The map is brilliant. Can I copy it? Scary warning above

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