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       " In love and music is our passion. Its not a trend, style or fashion." © 2002 INaCAGE

 Pictures of Midnight

Music A.M.P

Lyrics S.D.V

 Rafting down the Nile

Pyramids floating by

Passions of the Taj Mahal

The great coral reef

And Jamaican thunder

The Great Wall of China

And Stonehenge’s wonder

Poetry in Athens

Blood sport in Rome

Santo Cristo in Rio

A desolate pagan home

Mardi Gras in N'awlins

Venetian cuisine

Saharan mirage

Clan gatherings in Aberdeen

 Pictures of Midnight

Bright as the day

Few hours of glory

Worlds away

 I rule the dynasty of Ming

She is the goddess of extremes

We’re warriors with heart

Bards who dream

 Malaysia’s secret realm

Beneath the Tasman Sea

Alone in the outback

Yellowstone’s buffalo roaming free

Ancient rhythms in Angola

Songs from the Amazon

Dancing in the Azores

Singapore in early dawn