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A Day to Go Gently

This book tells the story of one woman's life, as she remembers it on one day. She has lived long enough to be daughter, wife, mother and grandmother, but today is alone with her memories. Many of these memories centre on her long years of love for one man, and his for her.

It is the longest day of the year.

"A Day to Go Gently" was written quite quickly a few months ago (early in 2010), simply because every time I put down my keyboard, the next bit would begin to write itself into my head.

It's not a perfect book, but I'm not ashamed of it. And I think it displays the heroine's own character in its imperfections.

It tells the story of one woman's journey through life, from her childhood on a farm through love and marriage to old age. Inevitably she dwells on her long relationship with one man - and inevitably, there are ups and downs along the way.

There are joys and sorrows, triumphs and tragedies, but I think the ending could be called happy.

This is a book intended for adults, and does contain scenes of love-making.

As with all of my fiction, there are no real people in it! Or at least none that I know of.

I hope you'll enjoy reading the book.

"A Day to Go Gently" is available in a paperback edition from, and The current price is £5.50 plus p&p.
It's also available as an e-Book from or in the Kindle format from Amazon, at around £2.50.
E-books are subject to tax, unlike printed editions, so this price may vary a little.

Read the sample chapter here or at Lulu or Amazon, or at

Reviews may be found here.

NB: Please be aware that this book contains some scenes of physical love between two people.

lifetime love, rural life, family life, joys and sorrows, pregnancy and birth, depression and drink, health in age, memories, adult fiction, happy ever after, loss and grief, growing up, long marriage, solitude, growing older

1st paperback edition  published 10th March 2010
A5 size  (dimensions:    8.26 inches long,   5.83 inches wide    0.25 inches thick,  7.04 ounces)
ISBN:  1445722054,  ISBN 13:  9781445722054,  127 pages

2nd paperback edition  published 25th March 2010  (This edition withdrawn 26 Aug 2010)
US Trade Paperback size  (dimensions:    9.0 inches long,    6.0 inches wide,    0.22 inches thick,    6.4 ounces)
ISBN:  1445735423,  ISBN 13:  9781445735429,  86 pages

EBook edition  published March 2010
File Format:  PDF for Adobe Digital Editions
File Size:  1.9 MB, 128 pages

Kindle edition
  published 2nd July 2010
File Size:  73 KB

The above editions have been revised to expand the "Other books by . . . " section, but the story is the same. This accounts for the difference in the number of pages, but if you have a very early edition - congratulations! You have a rare book!

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EBook edition  published March 2010
File Format:  PDF for Adobe Digital Editions
File Size:  278.1 kB

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