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Hello! My name is Irene.

I write books, some of which were published long ago on a small scale, and some not. Some are brand new, written and published only recently.

My love of language and words goes so far back into history that I have no idea when it began. I learned to read at the age of two, sitting on my mother's knee while she read me stories, following the words with her finger. I saw the connection between the spoken word and the shape of the printed one, and I was away. I genuinely cannot remember a time when squiggles on paper became words. They were always words to me, and books were the closest friends of my childhood and later years.

I hope you will find something here to read and enjoy.

Rose "Nostalgie"

The first book I'm going to mention is a fiction one, partly written in 1983, completed much later and first published in November 2009. It's called "Wild Honey", and tells a story which is as old as Time - love between two people. This particular love story is very brief, but its effects are felt throughout many years, even a lifetime.

The second book is fiction again, this time telling the story of one woman's life as she remembers it during the course of one day, the longest day of the year. Her memories are largely about the man who took a major part in her life, and the many different events which involved both of them. This book, "A Day to Go Gently", was written and first published in March 2010.

"Flowers for Alys" was published for the first time in September 2010, and is a new departure - not quite so up-to-date as the two mentioned above. In fact it takes place in a time and a place without name, somewhere in mediaeval days. It has been described as a fable or even as a parable. See what you think!

The next one, published in June 2011, is "When the Snow Refused to Fall". This story returns to the almost-modern times of the twentieth century, and takes place partly around Christmas time. It's a tale which has both the sparkle of magic and the darkness of nightmare within its pages.

And my latest book is "In the Image of Ravenna". In this one two stories are told in alternating chapters, which have differences and similarities. The two involve different characters and times, but may meet at some time or place in the book. It was published In March 2012.

The next two books are non-fiction. These are both concerned with history, in different ways.

The first was written in 1982, for the centenary celebrations of a local church, St James the Less in Penicuik. It's full of illustrations and lots of research, and tells of the trials and tribulations involved in establishing a new church in a small Border town, followed by the inevitable struggles to keep the building and congregation together. This one was first published in 1982, and has been revised and slightly updated for this new edition.

The last one I'm going to mention here is even more specialised - it's a list of individuals with the surname of Whiteoak, mentioned in the British census returns from 1841 to 1911. It's meant to assist anyone who is researching that particular family, and is currently only available as a download, since a printed book would be extremely heavy to post.

More details of each book can be found on its own pages. See the panel on the left - you'll find a page of reviews as well as facts and figures, and cover pictures.

About this web site

This site is over four years old now! I hope it is bringing in a few new readers to join the select band who enjoy my books already. If you are interested in trying them, they are all available from Lulu.com and / or Amazon. (You will find links amongst these pages to the book you would like.)

But for now, you are very welcome to look around, browse a bit, and see if anything takes your fancy. Try the sample chapters up in the attic - and if you like what you read there, you'll find links on the book's own page to buy it from Lulu, or Amazon if you want the Kindle edition.

If it doesn't appeal this time, don't forget to come back for another look soon, will you? More books will be added from time to time, although probably not once a week!

I do enjoy writing, but now and again it's nice to relax with a cup of tea and a good friend to share it with. So take a seat, put your feet up and have a good look around.

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