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NCCA e-Books

posted Oct 17, 2009, 8:23 AM by Fe Angela Verzosa   [ updated Dec 12, 2010, 11:06 AM ]

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts makes available several titles of e-books at this link:

Some of the titles recently downloaded by the Library include:

Tilamsik ng Liwanag               
A pictorial exposition of 100 years of Philippine independence

Timeline by Jesus T. Peralta

The Filipino People (cartographic material) compiled by Robert B. Fox and Elizabeth H. Flory
"First edition printed in 1974 for the National Museum of the Philippines by the Philippine Coast and Geodetic Survey."

Guidelines for Museums by Dr. Jesus T. Peralta

Prehistory of the Philippines

by: Dr. Jesus T. Peralta
When research on the past continues and new data are found our notions about prehistory can change. We might have to surrender the old, and once commonly accepted ideas in the light of newly discovered evidences.

    Prehistory of the Philippines
The Paleolithic Culture
The Cagayan Evidence
The Tabon Caves of Palawan
Other Old Stone Age Sites
The New Stone Age
Social Life in the New Stone Age
The Appearance of Metal
The Ceramic Age
The Ceramic Age Society

Peoples of the Philippines by Dr. Jesus T. Peralta
In understanding the peoples of the Philippines, an in-depth study of the different ethnic groups is needed - their beginnings, differentiation, adaptation, distribution, convergence and many other aspects. This book intends to identify all the ethnic boundaries that define their existence and provides glimpses of the different peoples that make up this nation.
Ethnic Differentiation
Persistence of Tradition Intergroup Relationship Beyond Technology
Kinship Leadership Religion
The Anomaly of Persisting Cultures
Ethnic Group Briefs
Apayao Bago Balangao
Bicol Bontoc Ga'dang
Ibaloi Ibanag Ifugao
Ikalahan/Kalanguya Ilocano Ilongot
Isinay Itawit Ivatan/Itbayat
Iwak Kalinga Kankanay/Kankana-ey
Kankanay Kapampangan Malaweg
Negrito Palanan Pangasinan
Sambal Tagalog Tinggian
Abaknon Aklanon Bantoanon
Boholano Bukidnon Cebuano
Hiligaynon Kiniray-a/Hamtikanon Masbateño
Rombloanon Sulod Waray
Agutayanen Batak Kuyonen
Molbog Pala'wan Tagbanwa
Tau't Batu
Sama Tausug Yakan
Jama Mapun
B'laan Bagobo Butuanon
Ilanun Kalagan Kamayo
Kamiguin Kolibugan Magindanao
Mamanwa Mandaya Manobo
Maranao Sangil (Sangir/Marore) Subanun
T'boli Tasaday Tiruray
Ethno-Linguistic Groups Listings

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