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Bachelor Project/Thesis      Home Automation Using PLCs

Home applications such as water level control system, Automatic light on/off system, security system was successfully controlled by PLC.


Model of the PLC used was FX800 by Mitsubishi corporation and the software for programming was MELSECMEDOC.


Master Projects           Design of Structural Vibration Control System

In this thesis I wish to design a controller based on optimal control theory that will control the building vibrations during an earthquake, strong winds and from any other source of vibration. Using the tuned mass damper system it is possible to suppress the structural vibrations.


Research Publication        

Tayab D Memon, Bhawani S. Chowdhry, Memon M Saleem, Wanod Kumar, Imtiaz Hussain Kalwar,” Design and Implementation of Low Cost Embedded System for Industrial Automation”,  9th International Research/Expert Conference ”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology, pages#669-672, TMT 2005, Antalya, Turkey, 26-30 September, 2005.


Theses Guided

  • Distributed Control System at Chemi visco Fiber Nawabshah
  • Design & Implementation of Low Cost Digital Audiometry Test System
  • Microcontroller Based Electronic Pacemaker  
  • Low Cost Microcontroller-based Application for Home Safety & Control
  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Application in Highway Safety
  • Modeling & Simulation of chemical dyes plant
  • Design  of Single channel virtual scope using MATLAB
  • Design and Simulation of structural vibration ocntrol system for the protection of civil structures