~IMTA State Piano Auditions 2017:  State Auditions will be March 11, 2017 At Wartburg College

~Repertoire List

The 2016 IMTA Repertoire List is Now Available

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This edition is a completely new revision of the IMTA Repertoire List which is available in a printed version and a searchable database on Excel. Updates of new music since the 2011 printing(including the 2016 updates) have been incorporated into the main database.  This list will be THE ONLY REPERTOIRE LIST WHICH CAN BE USED FOR IMTA AUDITIONS  BEGINNING 2016-2020. 

Purchase of the repertoire list in electronic form grants members access to a searchable database; instructions for sorting and searching are included.  Use of any part of the repertoire list, or the Excel database, without purchasing the syllabus (either in printed or electronic form) is a violation of fair use and undermines the activities of the organization.  Members are reminded that lending any form of the list to other members or nonmembers who have not purchased the list does the same. 
An updated crosscheck will be available sometime late summer/early fall 2016.

Please check the website or email Pat Reuter Riddle for availability.

A separate list of all new music included in the 2016 Syllabus since the printing of the 2011 edition is available upon request from Dr. Suzanne Torkelson: suzanne.torkelson@wartburg.edu


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Level A; Judge - Carole Thomas

    Winner: Adam Zhu                                          teacher: Larisa Kanevski

    Winner: Zoe Podlich                                      teacher: Patricia Schroeder

    Runner Up:  Claire Lawler                          teacher: Ruth Johnson

    Runner Up: Gianna Liu                                teacher: Jason Sifford

    Honorable Mention: Nathan Spencer    teacher: Michele Grossman


Level B; Judge – Kathryn March

    Winner: Callista Robertson                        teacher: Lauree Christman

     Winner: Laurel Huffman                            teacher: Dr. Suzanne Torkelson

    Runner Up: James Gates                             teacher: Richard Steinbach

    Runner Up: Joe Miyazaki                            teacher: Judy Schliesman

   Honorable Mention: Lindy Chen               teacher: Nai-Ying Liao

   Honorable Mention: Alexa Gaylor            teacher: Paul Kovakovic

   Honorable Mention: Chaylie Lippert      teacher: Lois Nassen

   Honorable Mention: Melissa Wang         teacher: Melinda Westphalen


Level C; Judge – Alan Huckleberry

    Winner: Emma Konrad                                 teacher: Sarah Robinson

   Winner: Christina Li                                      teacher: Roberta Quist

   Runner Up: Lucy Gannon                            teacher: Larisa Kanevski

   Runner Up: Amruta Divekar                       teacher: Natalie Landowski

   Honorable Mention: Aden Stroup            teacher: Dr. Elizabeth Allison

   Honorable Mention: Nicole Johnson      teacher: Patricia Williams

   Honorable Mention: Lizzy Deng                teacher: Larisa Kanevski

 Level D1; Judge – James March

    Winner: Tanya Fan                                        teacher: Larisa Kanevski

    Winner: Benjamin Joens                             teacher: Melinda Westphalen

    Runner Up: Zach Dixon                               teacher: Judith Dixon

    Runner Up: Lily Meng                                   teacher: Feilin Lin

   Honorable Mention: Nathan Stanish      teacher: Lois Nassen

   Honorable Mention: Emily Johnson       teacher: Roberta Quist

   Honorable Mention: Emily Walladsen   teacher: Jeannie Vande Zande

Level D2; Judge – James March

  Winner: Stephanie Gibbons                         teacher: Sharon Jensen

   Winner: Crystal Kimama                              teacher: Jessica Anderson

   Runner Up: Riki Menning                            teacher: Barbara Williams

   Runner Up: Andrew Dixon                          teacher: Judith Dixon

   Honorable Mention: Karly Britt                teacher: Linda Johansen

   Honorable Mention: Caleb Townsend    teacher: Jessica Anderson

   Honorable Mention: Aubree Litster         teacher: Janci Bronson


Level E1: Judge – Paul Kovacovic

   Winner: Serina Daniels                                 teacher: Linda Allebach

    Runner Up: William Feng                           teacher: Feilin Lin

   Honorable Mention: Cynthia Hu               teacher: Nicholas Roth

   Honorable Mention: Silas Johnson         teacher: Ted Reuter


Level E2: Judge – Paul Kovacovic

   Winner: Rachel Eckert                                  teacher: Roberta Quist

   Runner Up: Grant Fahrenkrog                   teacher: Roberta Quist

   Honorable Mention: Lela Udry                  teacher: Alan Huckleberry


Level F: Judge – Nicholas Roth

  Winner: Caleb Fruhling                                teacher: Marlys Fruhling/

      Dr. Suzanne Torkelson

   Winner: Rui Jin                                                teacher: Ksenia Novikova

   Runner Up: Matt Bourland                          teacher: Jessica Anderson

   Runner Up: Liuchang Wang                       teacher: Jan Johnson

   Honorable Mention: Veronika Silkin      teacher: Larisa Kanevski

   Honorable Menion: Linda Peng                teacher: Dr. Suzanne Torkelson



IMTA Auditions are now open to non-members. A $50 nonmember teacher fee will be assessed if the membership is not paid for the 2014-2015 membership year. This fee can be paid anytime up to the district auditions registration deadline.

DISTRICT IMTA Auditions registration forms are available for some centers now (those with earlier audition dates). Click on "District Piano Auditions Registration Forms" to the left to find your center's registration forms. NOTE: In order to simplify the amount of information collected a Teacher Registration form will need to be filled out once per teacher. A separate Student Registration form will be completed per student as in past years. 

To contact the State Auditions chairs, Melinda Westphalen and Allison Chenoweth, you can email westphalen5@centurylink.net,  imtaauditionschair@gmail.com,  or achenoweth@westmusic.com