AMTA 2016 Workshop on Interacting with Machine Translation (iMT 2016)

October 28, 2016

This workshop is part of AMTA 2016, to be held in Austin, Texas, October 28 - November 1, 2016.

All slides and abstracts from the workshop presentations are now available! Follow the link to the Program page.

The workshop will consider questions relating to various forms of human interaction with MT, such as: How do organizations currently measure end-user interaction and satisfaction with MT? How does raw or post-edited MT affect usability of products or content? How does translator interaction with MT differ from translator interaction with human translation? How can MT developers best use end-user interaction data to improve MT output quality and user experience of MT? The term interacting is deliberately used to broaden the focus beyond post-editing and interactive MT, though both of these topics fit comfortably within the theme.

The workshop will feature an invited talk by Dag Schmidtke (Microsoft), as well as oral presentations of ongoing research work. 


Sharon O'Brien -- ADAPT, CTTS Dublin City University, Ireland
Michel Simard -- National Research Council Canada