National Hispanic Heritage Month

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                 National Hispanic Heritage Month


Access the website.  and answer the following questions

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1.    ____________________= the estimate Hispanic population of the U.S. as


            of July 1, 2008, not counting the population of Puerto Rico, which adds another


            _______________________Hispanic residents to the above figure.


2.   Which is the only country that has an Hispanic population greater than the U.S.?


            ____________________________ which ranks the U.S. ___________worldwide


            as of 2008.


3.   Currently, the Hispanic population of our country accounts for


            ____________% of our total population, and the projected percentage by 2050 is




4.   Which Hispanic immigrant group is the largest in the U.S. and what                             percentage is it of the total Hispanic population of our country?



5.   What are the three other largest Hispanic groups in the U.S.?



6.   At 45%, which state leads in the percentage of Hispanics to the total state       population?



7.   What are the six states with next highest percentages of Hispanics to their      total state populations and what are the numbers?





8.    How many states have at least a half-million Hispanic residents?  Name them!





9.   What are the two states with the highest percentage increases in Hispanic    

             population between 2007 & 2008?




10.   Which U.S. county has the highest Hispanic population of any county in the           nation  & what is its population?



11. How many U.S. residents age 5 and older spoke Spanish at home in 2007?




12. How many Hispanic names are among the top 15 in the country and What    are they from highest rank to lowest?





13.   How many Hispanic chief executives (heads of companies) are there in the U.S.?



               How many Hispanics are doctors?___________________



                       College professors?   ________________



                        Lawyers?   __________________



                        News analysts, reporters & correspondents?  ________________



14.   How many Hispanics voted in the 2008 presidential election?_______________


            How much of an increase was this over 2004?     _________________



15. How many Hispanics are veterans of the U.S. armed forces? _____________________


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                                            Print this out if you do not have your paper!


        1. What is the purpose of "National Hispanic Heritage Month?"


        2. For how many years has it been celebrated?


        3. How did this become an "official" celebration sanctioned by the U.S. government?


        4. When is National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated?  (dates)


        5. Why was the September-October time period chosen for this commemoration?


        6. Which countries mark their independence during this time and on which dates?