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This website has been designed with an objective to facilitate students and researchers in Pakistan in their endeavours of dissemination and creation of knowledge. Predominated by my field of specialization, the website is more inclined towards subjects of finance. However, it is equally appealing to students and researchers of allied fields such as economics, accounting, and others in terms of data and research help. Looking forward to positive feedback on how to improve its contents and access.


The Drivers of KSE Returns in 2013
The year 2013 witnessed a spectacular increase in the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100-Index. The index increased by 49.4% in the year 2013, which made the KSE as one of the top performers among global stock indices... Read more

Triangulation is Social Science Research
Triangulation is the combination of two or more theoretical perspective, methodological approaches, analytical methods, data sources, or investigators within the same study... Read more

Hypotheses Development: Lead Lag in Stock Returns
The following hypotheses were developed during class discussion on the topic of whether some groups of stock lead others in their response to news shocks.... Read more



Stata Tools 
We have added a separate section to this website related to Stata Software. Stata codes and routines that are related to finance will be shared in this section
  .. Read more

Step-by-Step: Portfolio Risk in Stata and Excel
In this article, we show how to calculate portfolio risk for a two asset portfolio in MS Excel and in Stata. The matrix method of finding portfolio risk simplies the process considerabally....  .. Read more

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