The Work Distribution Chart (WDC) is an amazing organizational diagnostic tool. It allows the user to surface many issues that have been percolating in the department/work unit totally unnoticed. This tool is easy to use, but will take a bit to explain so we will use the next three editions of "Tips and Tricks" to show you how to complete and analyze The Work Distribution Chart. We will also provide you the opportunity to analyze a WDC with an online problem solving "Tips and Tricks" Activity.

 The tool presents data in a way that permits a "Three Dimensional Analysis" of a work unit. For years consultants have used this tool as a first step in an organizational analysis. It provides a quick, "Lay of the Land" and gives the user, "Heads-Up" on key issues. You never know what you will find with a work distribution chart but it's always worth the effort.

The Work distribution Chart:

  • Identifies the core processes of a work unit.
  • Describes and analyzes the major functions of a work unit.
  • Eliminates unnecessary activities.
  • Surfaces process variation
  • Discovers "Better Ways" of doing work.
  • Evaluates what people do during a work week.
  • Depicts and analyzes how people work together to accomplish departmental activities.
  • Documents how much time is dedicated to each departmental activity and by whom.
  • Analyzes individual workers and how they spend their time.
  • Identifies symptoms that may be traced to major functional issues.

Next article we will start to learn how to complete the Work Distribution Chart.

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You can download an empty form for Work Distribution Chart in the attachment below.

Industrial Engineer,
Dec 19, 2009, 5:01 AM