As a painter, I illustrate my own private symbolism. At first, the smooth evenhanded treatment and muted colors suggest stillness. But on closer observation, each piece contains an obsessive tension. Mysterious vignettes hint at hidden complexity. Architectural elements encase dreams and memories to create a secret place. This is my existence disguised as oblique, seductive still life.
I am a self-taught artist. I cultivated my style and methods in isolation, which allowed me to spontaneously develop my own vision. I paint meticulously, with small brushes. I intimately work every inch of the canvas with small, exact strokes, using layer upon layer of analogous colors - cool shadowy blues, soft violets, mossy greens. I love incorporating texture, wood grain, crumbling stone, twisting ribbons and curling leaves. My work is the result of a lifetime love of  creating pictures.
THE SECRET KINGDOM is a collection of paintings and poetry celebrating the world of dreams.
This beautiful children's book is written by Michele and Richard Bledsoe
Illustrated by Michele Bledsoe.