My art can be called mixed media. I employ a variety of methods and media (painting, drawing, collage / decollage,

glue, paper, wood, assemblage / construction, canvas and more). It has become important to me to use the

"materials at hand" when making art. This is a philosophical approach. A work of art is the sum of it's parts and

these include paint, paper, pencil, as well as the life experiences of the artist making it. The "materials at hand". 

My recent works have dealt with lost childhood images and I employ used / discarded toys, photos, books and

images. Artificially patinaed/ decadent surfaces and textures are also part of my work.

I have attempted to create works that recall a period from life (childhood) in the hopes of rediscovering certain

powerful / empowering elements from that time. To this end I have done painting, assemblage, collage, performance

art and room sized installation works. The subject matter is sometimes dark (for memories are a mixture of dark and

light, love and pain, as is our day to day living experience), yet I believe there is also a hint of hope and redemption

in my work.