Deus Ex Machina


The phrase deus ex machina (Latin IPA: [,,deːus eks ,,maːkʰina] (literally "god out of a machine") describes an unexpected, artificial, or improbable character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of fiction or drama to resolve a situation or untangle a plot (e.g. an angel suddenly appearing to solve problems).

Deus Ex Machina was the cooperative venture of Phoenix artists Michele Bledsoe, Richard Bledsoe, Jeff Falk, Steve Gompf and Annie Lopez. Part of the vibrant Grand Avenue art scene, the artist run space was located in the historic La Melgosa Building.  

From November 2007 to December 2012, this art space exhibited some of the most interesting and beautiful art in the Valley, and other creative manifestations as well: poetry/spoken word, theatre / performance art, music and also video/film works. In short, Deus Ex Machina was an art space with a mission: to be a vital, cultural presence on Grand Avenue and to bring to the public challenging, post-modern visions of grandeur.

Artists don't create worlds, we make talismans that remind us of possibilities. Deus Ex Machina is dedicated to miraculous outcomes produced by the display of obsessive explorations.. and the spirit made visible.

God IS the machine.

Altar of Leaving and Remembrance

First Friday at Deus Ex Machina

     A candid moment


Spontaneous performances


Jeff Falk 

 Michele Bledsoe and Steve Gompf


 Richard Bledsoe and Scott Sanders

The hypnotic Televisor


The angel descends


Two conversations

First Friday patrons


Street Performance


Jeff Falk


Scene from a Mad Tea Party

Sherry poses with "Sherry"


First Friday


 Outside the gallery

Denise Fleish, Michele Bledsoe and Jimi Girdner


Richard Bledsoe and the infamous Wayne Michael Reich


Annie Lopez, Jeff Falk, Steve Gompf and Richard Bledsoe

 Michele Bledsoe in the display case

Jeff Falk and the spoken word