Welcome to the IMPRESS Project

Project goals and objectives

The prime objective of the project is to create new management structures in four leading classical Ukrainian universities by creating fully operating modern Career and Employability Centres. These centres will help to systematise and modernise student services by providing:
  1. Improved recruitment process.
  2. Renovated student placement services that will increase future employability.
  3. Students trained in "soft skills" to meet career targets.
  4. Modernisation of student activities and experience in terms of the knowledge based economy.
  5. Upgrade Alumni Societies services and career support.
  6. Strategic cooperation Framework with the Ministry.
  7. Retrained University staff with new vision of student competences and life long learning.
  8. Closer cooperation amongst all stakeholders of the labour and educational markets.
  9. Improvement to regional economy and social infrastructure.
  10. Introduction and implementation in Ukraine of the Best Practice of Student Services in Europe.


Forthcoming events

Registration of the Project in Ukraine
Buying Equipment
Opening Centres
Soft Skills training in Newcastle