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Learn how to import a car to Canada in less than 15 minutes. You cannot find a faster way to get so much "to-the-point knowledge" in a very short period of time. This site has helped hundreds of Canadians import a car to Canada from the USA.

IMPORT UPDATE August 2,2014

a. Always look for the lowest price on the car you want, and have it inspected independently before you buy.
b. No safety inspection required in Canada for most new passenger vehicles imported. 

This free guide on how to import a car to Canada and tutorial was inspired and developed so I could personally assist my customers who wanted a "quick reference guide" on how to import a car to Canada, when I was working as an Import car dealership in Buffalo NY. My customers needed to know the process, and I decided this information should be shared, and not sold, so you will be amazed at really how simple the process is. My work now allows normal people, and other car dealers and Canadians from all over North America have access to the most trusted resource on how to import cars to Canada. This tutorial provides you step-by-step instructions on how to import a car to Canada,  including tiny details most people miss or fail to comprehend.

A simple import process built for everyone.

This website was built to simplify your information hunt and help you overcome any apprehensions, by providing you a path to success when you  import a car to Canada.  Data propagated across this domain is updated when needed with consultation directly from US Customs & Border Protection and Canadian Border Services  to ensure this guide is 99.99% accurate.

Included are printable worksheets and checklists for instant download and printing at no cost, and without ads. 

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P.S. Please always confirm and verify everything with the seller, dealership and customs authorities to ensure you have everything you need. This website serves as a great pathway for you to find success.