Implied Reality

The concept and prescription for 'Living the Implied Reality'

Implied Reality, the realm of existence that is within our ability to sense.  The inherent implication is that there is an infinite number of realms with varying degrees of separation beyond our ability to sense.

'Living the Implied Reality' means a pursuit and engagement of an optimum state within this particular realm.

There is an understood though not necessarily spoken (and frequently changing) idea of what humans define as the right and wrong paths in this pursuit.
About our realm
Realms of existence, at least this one, can best be explained in a comparison to the flow of a river.  Thought and action are the flow, matter is the substance or water.

Within the primary stream of this realm lie an infinite number of sub-flows or currents that define our stream.

Can we see beyond our Implied Reality???   More commonly we actually maneuver ourselves to different perspectives of the varying currents within the realm of our existence.  It is conceivable that the techniques utilized in changing our perspective might also be part of the recipe for removing our thought from and/or seeing beyond the realm of our existence.   

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