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ewing empire: 

season 6

28 - this is not the end

special guest stars:
jared martin as dusty
juliette lewis as charlie
david boreanaz as julian
audrey landers
as afton

the last years of southfork:

5-part miniseries 



barbara bel geddes
patrick duffy
linda gray
teve kanaly
howard keel 
ken kercheval
charlene tilton
victoria principal
as pam

Southfork Ranch, May 1990. J.R. Ewing shoots himself after losing Ewing Oil. His brother Bob holds the funeral with the only presence of the reverend and the family lawyer. The rest of the family give him excuses to skip it. Life goes on without J.R. anyway. Sue Ellen and John Ross visit from London and she asks Bob for help with the boy, guilty for having been rude to his dad the last time he  talked to him. Finally, they decide to move back for awhile, though Sue Ellen still is married to Don Lockwood...

Miss Ellie and Clayton also return to Southfork, and she shows resentment toward Bob regarding J.R.´s passing. He managed to keep the suicide as just an accident thanks to Sheriff Washburn´s complicity. Christopher often receives letters from someone who signs as "a friend of your mum´s". Cliff has become a ruthless businessman after buying Ewing Oil, now renamed "Barnes-Ewing Oil". He has the case of Hillary Taylor´s shooting re-opened and Michelle Beaumont is sentenced to jail time. The list of his enemies is longer and longer, until one day, his body is found at the office elevator, after being shot...

special guest stars:

ted shackelford
joan van ark
susan howard
sasha mitchell
cathy podewell
dack rambo
george kennedy
jared martin
deborah shelton
kimberly foster
omri katz
joshua harris
morgan brittany 
as katherine

juliette lewis as charlie
jessica lange as barbara

all-new series:

star - a hollywood saga

pilot: family portrait


elizabeth taylor
richard burton
grant goodeve
julie andrews
richard gere
harrison ford
burt lancaster
nastassia kinski
as nathalie

return to knots landing:
the ewings of california

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© WARNER for most photos used in the montages

© EWING EMPIRE has no relation with Warner, Lorimar or TNT

© David Jacobs & Leonard Katzman for DALLAS and KNOTS LANDING original characters