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28: this is not the end

Episode 28: 





(Subtitle: "Southfork Ranch, Texas. 1933". Aerial shot of Southfork lands in old days. Zoom into a young blonde woman who is leaning on a a fence, looking at the horizon, smiling ear to ear. She is Ellie Southworth, later known as Miss Ellie Ewing. She hears someone galloping to where she is. It is a man slightly older than she is. It is her brother Garrison. He dismounts and kisses the girl´s cheek)

Ellie: I´m so happy you woke up early today...

GARRISON: Don´t I always do?

Ellie (giving him an ironic look): Sure! Isn´t it wonderful, the view from here?

GARRISON: You look radiant sister. The whole ranch is like fresh air to you. You couldn't live without it.

Ellie: I hope I´ll never have to. Anyway, I hope you´ll let me stay when it passes on to you...

GARRISON (looking concerned): I wanna talk to you...

Ellie: Oh, Garrison! What´s wrong? Is Daddy feeling bad again?

GARRISON: No, he seems to be just fine. I gotta tell you something...

Ellie: Just do it, you dumb boy!

GARRISON: I´m gonna leave soon. I´ve joined a ship and we´ll weigh anchors next week.

Ellie (shocked): Oh Garrison, but why...?

GARRISON: I´m tired of fighting Daddy. This ranch is like a prison to me, despite how much I love it. I can´t stay here any longer...

Ellie (saddened): Don´t misunderstand anything he might tell you, he loves you, as much as he loves me. You will inherit this ranch, and I´ll help you to run it. We talked about it one hundred times...You would get married and have kids, and then I´d go to New York to be a famous singer...

GARRISON (smiling): Don´t use that to make me change my mind. You said that when you six years old. Not anymore...I can´t stand the pressure of running the ranch and listening to all the criticism from Daddy...It´s too hard for me. I think traveling and seeing the sea every day will do good to me...

Ellie: What if there is another war? I couldn´t stand losing you (she holds her brother tightly and he gives her a kiss in her head). My big brother...What about Cherie? Does she know? (Staring at his brother and guessing what he´s thinking) Oh no, Garrison Southworth, don´t do that!

GARRISON: Please take care of her. I can´t say it to her, just can´t. Maybe I´ll marry her when I´m back, if she forgives me...Will you tell her?

Ellie (teary-eyed): Aha. When were little children, we used to play the ranching siblings, remember? Each of us with our own families, and running the ranch, and making it bigger and bigger.

Resultado de imagen de BARBARA BEL GEDDES YOUNG
GARRISON: I want you to promise me that, if something ever happens to me, you´ll take care of this ranch.

Ellie: You bet your life I will, you stubborn ox! (The camera pans away and the frame fades into next scene, again at Southfork in the EE present. Subtitle: "Southfork Ranch, Texas. 2008." Cut to a close shot of a young blonde woman. She is Ellie´s grand-daughter, also called Ellie, the daughter of J.R. and his second wife Cally. A young man, a bit older than she is, taps on her shoulder. He is Lucas, Bobby and Jenna Wade´s son)

LUCAS: Guess who?

Ellie (turning around): Oh you scared me Lucas! You´re such a...!

LUCAS: What were you thinking of? You looked as if you were dreaming...

Ellie: Yeah, I guess I was. I have to make a few choices these days, and I can only think clearly when I come here. I sing to myself some tune...It´s so peaceful and quiet. It makes me forget all that happened in these last awful years...

LUCAS: You mean about your parents? Their divorce?

Ellie: My parents, and that damn trial...The business fights with John Ross and his wife...And Gary and Bobby gone. And Ray the way he is...Donna, Pam and Val are such strong women. I hope to be like them when I grow older.

LUCAS: You worry too much. You´re too much a good person for a Ewing...

Ellie: Am I? I don´t know. If I were, my mother wouldn´t have left me behind when she left.

LUCAS: You said you asked her to stay here...

Ellie: I lied. But keep it a secret. I never met my natural father, and the man who treated me as his daughter also left.

LUCAS: Hey, don´t pity yourself, cousin. James was having a rough time after the divorce, and he chose to enlist the Navy Seal. That´s a job...

Ellie: I´m sorry if I´m getting you down, Lucas. You got problems yourself...

LUCAS: I can tell you, I got real problems in the past, and I´d never change my current life for those days. I lost my Mum, I lost touch with my sister Charlie, I went from one foster home to another...and then, I came back here, and I made another big mistake when my sister talked me into faking her kidnap...If I hadn´t agreed, HE wouldn´t have gone to prison. He wouldn´t have lost three years of his life. Now I´m learning to run Southfork, and John Ross in a bad mood is the worst thing that may happen.

Ellie: I cried a lot when he was sentenced to jailtime. He´s such a good man...I just hope that prison didn´t change that...too much.

LUCAS: We´ll see, Ellie. Today he´s coming home. He´s been released. I feel so guilty, Ellie...

Ellie (holding him mercifully): You shouldn´t Lucas. It wasn´t your fault. He´ll be starting over now...We Ewings are like rocks. If we stick together, nothing can break us apart. Just like rocks... (The camera pans away. The Dallas theme is played in a slow version. Fade out. Enter the Opening Titles)


(Black screen and title of the scene in white letters: "Ellie". Fade into the first scene: We see an out-of-focus glass with bourbon and rocks, and a feminine hand toying with it. The image of the glass gets focused and the hand takes the glass and drinks it. We see the face of the person: Cally. Cut to the cafeteria door being opened by Cally´s daughter Ellie. She walks in smiling, and looks around, until she finds her mother sitting at one of the tables. The camera follows the beautiful teenager as she walks towards her and stands in front of her mother, expecting being kissed by her) 

Ellie: Hello, mum. 

Cally (pulling the glass away and calling the waiter): Hello, honey (she finally gets up and gives a kiss to her daughter). Did your get your hair dyed again? 

Ellie (looking disappointed): But mum, don´t you even remember what your daughter´s natural hair color is?

Cally: Of course I do. When you were born, your hair was almost white...You looked like an angel... (The waiter shows up) Oh please, bring us two Diet cokes (Ellie frowns). We´re in a bit of a hurry... 

Ellie (looking angry): A hurry? Again? We hadn´t met since last year...When you called me, I thought...we were going to spend some time together. 

Cally: Ellie, you were the one who told me last year that you´d rather stay at Southfork than coming with me to Florida. 

Ellie: True, I can´t stay that weather. Why did you call me then? 

Cally: You´ll soon be 18 years old. I know that everybody at the big house seems to take for granted that J.R. Ewing was your father, but now that Lucy is gone... (The waiter comes with the drinks) Oh thank you!

Ellie: Did you know that Lucy was leaving today and you didn´t come to say goodbye? What kind of friend are you?

Cally: Don´t be rude to me girl. I have brought something for you (she takes her purse and gets an envelope out of it, and then puts it over the table).

Ellie: What is that?

Cally: Your life insurance, if you are smart enough, sweetheart. When you were born, I got a DNA test to know for sure if J.R. was your father, just in case he demanded me the proof. I never used it, but I supposed you might need it now.

Ellie: What are you talking about?

Cally: Your Ewing grandfather Jock left in his will a little fortune for each of his grandchildren, born and to come. Bobby and Betsy got their inheritance 4 years ago, 10 millions for each of them, and Lucas, Bobby´s son, got his own last year. You want me to be a good mum and give you a good advice? When you´re 18, go to the Ewings´ lawyer, take the money and run far, far away from here!

Ellie (looking frightened): What´s happened to you, mum? I can´t recognize you anymore...You know what I want, what I´ve always wanted: be a part of the Ewing family here at Southfork, and become a good singer after my graduation. Nothing else matters to me.

Cally: You´re a bubblehead, Ellie. See what Lucy´s doing: she´s taking her family away to settle down in California...

Ellie: ...To live next door with her mother Valene. You knew that, and maybe also that her grandmother Lilimae just died three days ago and the funeral will be held tomorrow.

Cally: I´m not a bitch, daughter. I called Lucy and gave her my condolences. And promised her to pay her a visit soon, maybe with you too...

Ellie: Tell me something, mum. What happened 4 years ago, when James returned from his fishing weekend with Jimmy?

Cally: James belongs to the past for me.

Ellie: I was too naive then and just did all that you told me to. But James was the only father I ever had and he disappeared from our lives one day. You owe me the truth. You know you do.

Cally (with teary eyes): Ok, but I won´t talk with you about James again. The day before James came back, I was pointed with a gun at my head by my own brother, Boaz, when I got into my car at night. I hadn´t met him or heard from him since I married J.R. in Haleyville. He told me the typical headline story on the paper there: he had been put into prison for killing our own brother Japhet during a bar brawl. But he had escaped from prison and come up to Dallas. He wanted money, he thought I and J.R. were still married...I was terrified...and promised him to give him money and a plane ticket the next morning...

Ellie: I am...very sorry to hear that.

Cally: But I couldn´t submit myself to his violent mood. I was afraid he could track you down...

Ellie: ...But I spent that week at Southfork, I remember it well. So what did you do?

Cally: Lucy had introduced me to a lawyer called Kyle Bennett, a friend of the family´s, and I called him since James was gone...It was my impulse.

Ellie: Isn´t the same man you went to live with after divorcing James?

Cally: That´s not the point. He helped me out to get rid of Boaz once for all.

Ellie: What does that mean? Did you get him killed?

Cally (looking straight to her daughter´s blue eyes): Honey, I never knew what happened to Boaz, only that he didn´t bother me anymore. And to end the James discussion, I´ll tell you why we divorced: I received several unsigned notes that said that James´s wife wasn´t actually dead, as he had told me. When he returned from the lake, I asked him about it: he confessed that, after J.R.´s death, he didn´t get any money from him and had to ally with the Ewings´ enemies, like Carter McKay. In order to gain his confidence, McKay had James´s wife Debra Lynn beaten, almost dead...and sent away to a remote town in Alaska. James used her fake death certificate to get Jimmy´s custody, and kept scheming with McKay... 

Ellie (petrified): I can´t believe that, you are a liar...

Cally: Ellie, you have always been the center of my life, how could I lie to you about that? When I found it out, I just wanted to break all ties with James, especially when one day, before the last Ewing Barbecue, Debra Lynn herself showed up in Dallas with her lawyer. She was in a wheelchair, by the way. And wanted Jimmy´s custody. So you now already know what happened to your half-brother Jimmy and your loving stepfather James...

Ellie: I have news for you too. I have my own big surprise (she takes a letter out of her purse). It´s a letter from James. He gave me his own version of this story. He says that you didn´t forgive him for lying about his fist wife. But also that you had an affair going on with Kyle and, when he found it out, went to his office and, due to some reform works being done, both of them fell down from a two-stores height. Kyle suited him and they got to a settlement. James eventually enlisted the Navy Seals and he´s written this letter from Iraq. He might be dead one of these days...and you must know something: he never signed the divorce papers, so you´d be the first person to be noticed if he is killed in service (Cally gets up and puts a 10 dollar bill on the table, and her letter back into her purse). I'm leaving with my letter, and you can throw away yours!

Cally (standing up): Ellie wait a minute! (She calls the waiter again) Will you please take this away and bring me another bourbon and rocks? (Cut to Ellie sitting at her bycicle, crying. Then fade out to flashback)



(Subtitle "4 Years earlier". Country music is playing outside the house. Young Ellie walks around the halls and, suddenly, she hears two women arguing. Cut into these two women, who turn out to be Donna and Valene)

Donna (furious): I won´t let my husband rot in prison, by no means at all!!

Valene: What do you mean, Donna? Why are you so angry to me?

Donna: I noticed your face when the police were taking him away...My husband has a precedent for the mercy murder of his cousin Mickey. God is my witness that he won´t end up behind bars again!!

Valene: For your information, Gary also was suspect of murder not once but twice, back in California, and he was innocent both times. If Ray is, they will let him go right away...

Donna: Look at me, Val. I know you are a good woman. But I also know you are hiding something, and if this brings light to this awful case of murder, I swear you that I´ll discover what you are keeping for yourself... (The camera swivels to the right, and we see the face of Ellie, stiff scared...)


(Black screen and title of the scene in white letters: "Lucas". Fade into the first scene: We see a close shot of Lucas Wade in 2005, surrounded by his two "fathers", Bob and Ray.)

Lucas: My mother is dead. My sister is dead. I have no family now...

Ray: Yes you have, Lucas. We the Ewings are your family. We love you.
Lucas: You caused the car accident that ended my mother´s life. You screw everything...

Bob: Please Lucas, think about it. It was just an accident. Ray didn´t have anything to do with her death...And he´s right: we are your family now. Come here son... (he embraces Lucas slowly. Lucas´s face is expression-less, as he pulls his right hand onwards...Bob´s face is frozen as he feels a deep ache in his stomach, which seems to be bleeding.) Son...I love you...I´m so sorry. (Bob pulls away and falls down: Lucas has stabbed him with a big knife. Lucas looks up, but Ray is nowhere to be seem, and starts calling him out...Then he wakes up. It´s been all an awful nightmare. Lucas is sweating and looks distressed) Oh my God dad...How could I do this to you...


(The sun has just risen and Lucas is riding his horse, slowly but steadily. He looks serious and hurt. The nightmare still ressonates in his head. He keeps on riding and, half an hour later, he returns to Southfork, where he spots Ellie, leaning on a fence. He whistles and she waves at him. 

Lucas: Good morning Ellie.

Ellie: Morning, Lucas. You look awful. Couldn´t sleep well? 

Lucas: Nah. Hopefully when he´s home again, things will be back to normal...

Ellie: I know what you mean. Who would have said that Southfork would lose its three male owners...Luck you, Chris and Maggie are around...

Lucas: I´m not sure if that´s enough to stop John Ross...He´s always in war mode...

Ellie: I know what you mean. I must go back to the house. I´d to take a shower before breakfast. And say goodbye to Lucy, Peter and Curtis when they leave...

Lucas: Yep, me too...

Ellie: May I ask you something, Lucas? 

Lucas: Not about my love life (he says with a naughty smile).

Ellie: How could you adapt yourself to the fact of being one of them, of being a Ewing? 

Lucas: Actually I didn´t want to. My sister forced me to. Charlie was broke and wanted me to get money from Bob. So I got a job at the next door´s ranch and came around to see what my father look like. I also asked around about him: I wanted to know how he was, and in the end, I told Charlie off and decided to leave Dallas again. 

Ellie: Why did you come back? 

Lucas: I let her take the reins of my life, as usual. I´ll never forgive myself for all that happened in those days...You know, the kidnap, that accident, Ray´s arrest at the barbecue, and then...the whole hell of the trial. If I had been them, I´d have Charlie respond for her acts...but look at her now. Today, she´s out of that clinic: starting out a new life with a new body and no scars, neither on the outside, not in the inside, you can bet that...

Ellie: You know what there was a settlement, don´t you?

Lucas: Of course. I also know that my sister is a escape artist. I´ll believe it when I see her where she belongs to...Paying for all the damages she´s caused all these years...

Ellie: I wish I could help you...

Lucas: You have, cousin. Come here (the couple hold each other while a blast from the past invades Lucas´s mind)


(Subtitle: "4 Years Earlier". Flashback effect. We see a close shot of a fortysomething man, muscled and shaven headed. It´s Detective John Doe, who was helping Bob to find missing Lucas.)

John: Give me that gun, brat. You don´t know what you´re doing...

Lucas: I know...and I also know what a despicable man you are (Charlie is looking at them, sitting on the floor)

Charlie: Just give it to him Lucas. Don´t be a fool. 

John: You shut up! (he pulls her arm and makes her put on her feet)

Charlie: He wants all the money for himself, Lucas. We shouldn´t have trusted him (John slaps Charlie´s face, and Lucas steps forward as he points the gun at John´s head. We see a close shot of a hand taking a long knife and John´s face again: he´s been stabbed and falls down heavily). 


(Black screen and title of the scene in white letters: "Sue Ellen". Fade into the first scene: Establishing shot of the Shepard Building in Dallas. Subtitle: "2005". Cut to a close shot of an angry Sue Ellen.)

Sue Ellen: What? You let Shania leave to New York?

Pam: She confessed she didn´t remember her true mother´s face nor had any photo of hers. She really believed that Mandy was her mother, and you and I had noticed their mutual resemblance.

Sue Ellen: Oh Pamela...You told me that Mandy went to the Oil Barons´ Ball last week, and what would someone like her would do there but stirring up trouble? And Shania was there too...

Pam: Half Dallas and Houston were at that building that evening. But this doesn´t mean that someone was going to drop a bombshell regarding another of J.R.´s secret children...On the contrary, it was your son John Ross who revealed that Christopher was among the guests after exiting the Witness Protection Program.

Sue Ellen: This is not about my son, Pam, it´s about two despicable women who try to get a hold at the Ewing fortune... (Pam opens a drawer in her desk and hands a document to her friend)

Pam: Please read this, Sue Ellen... (The latter reads the sheet silently)

Sue Ellen (looking up to Pam): So what? She admits that Mandy convinced her to become my friend at the clinic so Shania would be the perfect assistant once both were out...but she always believed Mandy was her mother because she told her details of the old woman who took care of her when she was a child. So this allows her to fly away with the man I hired to gather information about her?

Pam: Is that true?

Sue Ellen: Well, yes. Tyler was the child we used to play John Ross when I produced that movie about J.R. Later on, he got into trouble and turned to me in search of help. I treated him as my own son, and encouraged him to follow his true vocation, acting, and move to N.Y. I used to call him, once in awhile, whenever I needed some digging into someone´s past.

Pam: Only this time, Tyler fell for Shania...

Sue Ellen (frowning): So it seems! I even ordered him not to use his real name so it would be easier for him not to involve himself with Shania...

Pam: Have you read the last paragraph, Sue Ellen?

Sue Ellen (reading it and looking surprised): She gives her 50 % of the magazine income back to you and only asks for a letter of recommendation to work as a secretary in N.Y. That´s all?

Pam: Yes Sue Ellen, that´s all. Do you think that she sounds like a greedy person?

Sue Ellen: Well, maybe not, but as sure as hell that Mandy Winger is a greedy woman! (Laying the document down over Pam´s desk) My hypnosis session helped me to remember that it was Mandy who tried to kill me with an overdose...

Pam: I talked to Dr. Chow after that session, and she told me that no jury would ever admit that as a proof, and also that mind plays games so sometimes, we do see in hipnotic state what we want to do...

Sue Ellen: And I always wanted to take revenge on my husband´s lover, didn´t I?

Pam: You said it, not me... (smiling a sweet smile)

Sue Ellen: This is not over yet, Pam. Shania may be J.R.´s daughter, and may not want a piece of the Ewing cake, but I won´t rest until put Mandy behind bars, where she belongs!

Pam: Oh Sue Ellen. I talked to Dusty on the phone before you returned from France. He told me about Shania´s polarity...Shouldn´t you have explained that to me too? You got the medical record of Shania out of the clinic and didn´t even mention it.

Sue Ellen: I have the feeling that you want to play the devil´s advocate here, Pam, and if you don´t give up, maybe we shouldn´t be partners...nor friends either. About Dusty, I´ll talk to him as soon as I come home (Sue Ellen turns away and leaves the office, while Pam watches her astonished. Cut to next scene, that fades into the back of a waiter).


(Fade into the scene from the previous one. The waiter walks away from the camera and we see Sue Ellen´s profile looking on the right and then on the left, as searching for someone in the restaurant dining-room. She finally sits at her table, where someone is waiting for her: Andrea Thorne, her son´s fiancée, who puts the menu down. Cut to Sue Ellen)

Sue Ellen (ironicly): Hello, Andrea. So, you´re marrying my son, aren´t you?

Andrea: Yes. I´m so glad to meet you, at last...First of all...

Sue Ellen: First of all, I´d like to know why I had to find out about my son´s wedding when I read the "Dallas Press" in a plane flying from Paris to Dallas...

Andrea: Well, I guess that someone might overhear one of our conversations at the Oil Barons´ Ball. I wanted to talk to you in person.

Sue Ellen: Oh really? Don´t tell now that you wanted to ask me for John Ross´s hand...

Andrea: Actually no, I didn´t (Sue Ellen smiles, still high-browed). But where I come from, tradition still is important. But not in an old-fashioned way.

Sue Ellen: What´s that supposed to mean? If I may ask...

Andrea: I only knew my mother. She never married my father though he was single. She wanted to become a successful actress, but sacrificed her dream to give me the best education she could. My father never helped us in any way at all.

Sue Ellen (looking surprised): I am sorry to hear that...

Andrea: If we were in Hawaii, John Ross probably should need my mother´s approval to marry me.

Sue Ellen: And why don´t you invite her to stay here for awhile?

Andrea: I would. But she´s dead. She died when I was ten. I became the local teacher´s assistant in two months, and I managed to be independent when I was 16. I got my Degree in Business at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, in Oahu.

Sue Ellen: And now you´ll tell me you were the top pupil in your class...

Andrea: Yes. But not in my class, but in the 55 years of the College´s history (Andrea smiles wide open and winks, while Sue Ellen also smiles and just dares to say...).

Sue Ellen: Maybe it´s time to order...

Andrea: I ordered our drinks. I know you drink Evian water with a slice of lemmon (she looks at the glass in front of Sue Ellen, who suddenly blushes up). I prefer Thai Iced Tea. Oh I hope you like Thai food...

Sue Ellen: Well, I am an open-minded woman. If I hadn´t tried Thai food when I was in Orient, I´d have never forgive myself for it...

Andrea (calling the waiter with the hand): Oh wonderful! Then you will order the food...this time (Sue Ellen´s eyes are wide-open. Fade into next scene. The dining-room is almost empty.)

Sue Ellen: I must say...I didn´t know this restaurant. But the food was exquisite... (drinking all the water in her glass)

Andrea (smiling): I´m you like it. Thai cuisine is not for all tastes...And now for the desserts...

Sue Ellen (shaking her head): Oh no, I couldn´t...Not even coffee.

Andrea (handing something to her): Here you are.

Sue Ellen (blinking, looking confused, as she opens the folder. Andrea stares at her, while Sue Ellen reads the first page and turns to the next) I...I...can´t understand.

Andrea: It´s easy. We talked about traditions, about our jobs, about the people we love...This is another tradition: the dowry. My dowry. As would be wife of your son, from the bride to the groom´s mother. From woman to woman. But this must be a secret between us until John Ross and I are legally married.

Sue Ellen: So...you own 50% of Wentworth Industries, and you want to give it to your future husband in your honeymoon, so to say (Andrea nods) Something tells me that you and I are going to get along, Andrea (Sue Ellen smiles, honestly surprised).


(Establishing shot of the old Southfork Ranch at night. We hear the phone ringing 80´s style, and Sue Ellen, wearing her current 00´s look, picks it up after taking one of her big earrings off)

Sue Ellen: Hello, Southfork Ranch? (Sue Ellen´s smile turns into a nasty gesture when she hears who is calling her) Oh my God (lowering her voice)! Why are you calling here?

Kristin: Thanks, little sister, I´m also happy to hear you... (She takes the old-fashioned phone and begins to walk through a room) How is your dear J.R.?

Sue Ellen: It´s none of your business! What do you want now?

Kristin: Oh this time it´s not my fault. You know, my son Christopher, the nephew you never visit, has got into a big trouble, and he needs some help from her rich aunt...

Sue Ellen: No more money, Kristin, I told you the last time...

Kristin: Don´t you even want to know where Chris is spending the night? He´s at the prison of the Melrose Avenue Police Station.

Sue Ellen: Is this another of your lies?

Kristin (mocking of her): Oh my dear Sue Ellen, when did I ever lie to you? No, it´s true. He´s been arrested by the police in possession of something they called..."angel dust", or some other corny name. Too bad he had in his car a lot of it...

Sue Ellen: How much for bailing him out?

Kristin: 250.000 dollars, just that. Please transfer them in the morning, as soon as you can. Poor Chris, we wanted for him such a healthy life, just like Mama gave to us...but he couldn´t even graduate from high school...

Sue Ellen: Ok. You´ll have it. But keep on mind that I´m only doing it for one reason, and you know why (She abruptly hangs up. Cut into Kristin back in California, who makes her very usual grin and turns down to somebody else in the room: it´s Chris´s father Jeff Farraday). We got it, darling. She´s never been so sweet to me, Jeff! (She sits on his knees)

Jeff: Fine. We were so lucky that you gave birth to J.R.´s son...This way we´ll always have whatever we need. Chris will be out of jail tomorrow, but we have to figure out how to spend the remaining 248.000 dollars...

Kristin: Yes, we made the deal of the century...the deal of the century... (this sentence is repeated and echoed, as she and Jeff laugh out loudly. Suddenly, Sue Ellen, back to 2005, wakes in the lonely bedroom of her mansion.)

Sue Ellen (sweating and trembling): Oh it was a nightmare...Oh thanks God, it was a nightmare... (Cut into next scene)


(View of the Dallas skyline at high noon, the next day. Zoom into Sue Ellen´s office and medium shot of her opening the door to her nephew Christopher Ewing. She kisses him and shows him a seat. She sits by his side)

Sue Ellen: Thanks a lot for coming with such short notice.

Chris: Anytime, Sue Ellen. Is anything wrong?

Sue Ellen: Actually, it´s a very complicated situation but I´ll try to make it simple for you. I need an urgent solution, if there is one (I hope).

Chris (smiles at her and nods): I´m all ears.

Sue Ellen: I don´t know if your mother talked to you about my former assistant, Shania Wyatt.

Chris: The brunette who was at the press table at the Oil Barons´ Ball? (She nods) Yeah, though she didn´t mention anything specific.

Sue Ellen: Well then. She left a month ago, and only asked your mother for a letter of recommendation. I had total trust on her until recently, when she began to do strange things, like staying late at the office, for instance. We even have a tape of her with a guy she brought here... (Sue Ellen blinks) I had the feeling that she was in cahoots with someone from my past who wanted to ruin me. Her name is Mandy Winger...

Chris (slightly blushing up): Is she the one who was on that cover not long ago?

Sue Ellen (mumbling): Yes. So, I had the feeling that Mandy was the one responsible for my...overdose. Do you remember a couple of years ago, when...?

Chris: I´ve been told, yes, and it was Shania who saved your life, wasn´t she?

Sue Ellen: Yes, apparently. I called a detective to follow Mandy´s steps since Shania vanished, and found out that she managed to get into Shania´s apartment posing as her mother. The next day, I went with John Ross to her flat, and bribed the landlord to do the same thing. Everything was upside down, Shania´s clothes and bags were gone, and we found an empty safe box. You know, one of those you can lock down with a little key...We did find out a receipt from one of the biggest Dallas banks. Her bank balance was on it, and it seemed that she also had rented a safe box at the bank. All we could find out was that Mandy had been at the bank, asking to see the safe. Of course, she wasn´t allowed to, but I knew that bank office´s director, and she told me that Shania´s safe was available now. She herself took everything and cancelled it.

Chris: I´m a bit confused...Where am I supposed to fit in that scenario?

Sue Ellen: Right here: someone has been embezzling my accounts. Not only the account related to my corporation, but also one of my personal accounts too. It´s been millions that I´ve lost in only one month. This has hurt my companies, and I have received, very discreetly, offers to sell them out. Obviously, they are using dummy companies for it, and I´m afraid they are also using my own money... (Chris stands up and walks a few steps while he puts his glasses off and on)

Chris: Wow! When you called me and said you needed my help, I thought your intranet had been having problems...but this is serious, really serious, a BIG problem.

Sue Ellen: I´ll be honest to you, Chris. You´re not only my ex-sister-in-law´son, but also my late sister´s natural son. You know I do care about you and I don´t want you to have the kind of problems that lead you to the WPP. If it´s too dangerous, just tell me the name of someone else who can dig deep down and give me the name of the person who has done this to me. I don´t want you hurt at all...

Chris: No, I´ll take care of it, Sue Ellen. It better stays in the family. What about Mandy? Where is she now?

Sue Ellen: She seems to have vanished, but leave Mandy to me. I know how to handle her...and believe me, she´ll regret to have started all this. And I´ll make her pay... (Chris looks at her, a bit afraid of Sue Ellen...)


(Close shot of John Ross talking on his cell phone. Shot/reverse shot of the conversation. John Ross is waiting outside the courtroom, while Sue Ellen is inside her limo, on her way to the Love Field airport)

John Ross: Where the hell are you Mother? The Jury´s back, and it doesn´t look good! You should be here with us! Aren´t you worried about him?

Sue Ellen: Of course I do, son. But I got news about Mandy Winger when I was leaving for Court. She´s booked a one-way ticket to New York and I must stop her. She´s the key person to get my empire back! She´s been hiding not far away from Dallas with a false identity...

John Ross: What is most important to you, your business or giving support to the family who´s always been by your side?

Sue Ellen (cynically): Oh John Ross, darling...don´t preach me. Tell me, did you ever meet a woman called Abby Fairgate, or Ewing, or whatever her name is now? I want a straight answer...

John Ross (babbling): Well, no, not exactly...I met her daughter Olivia, long ago...

Sue Ellen: Oh really? And was that before or after you started your relationship with Andrea?

John Ross: A few months after that. Why, what happened to her?

Sue Ellen: My detective, aided by Christopher, tracked down the dummy company that stole my corporations...down in California. I talked to Gary and he told me that you gave Olivia false hopes when you dated her...

John Ross: Olivia was a cutie, clever and independent, and I liked that. But it was a one-night stand only.

Sue Ellen: Well, not for her. Gary says that Olivia mentioned you a lot in her calls, and seemed to be quite hooked on you. Maybe you thought that Andrea was a better marriage material...

John Ross: Oh Mother, why are you so nasty sometimes?

Sue Ellen: It seems that Olivia had a heartbreak because you ignored her, and she began to use drugs again. Did you know she was an addict?

John Ross: Yes I did, but you can´t blame me for that!

Sue Ellen: This is not the blame game! It´s the answer to why I am ruined now!

John Ross: What do you mean?

Sue Ellen: I also talked to Valene. She said, succinctly, that Gary´s ex-wife Abby is the most horrible person she had ever met, after your father, of course. She added that, when Abby wanted to take revenge on someone, all hell might break loose. She has no scruples or morals. And after Olivia´s breakdown, she found out about her affair with you...and set her sight on us, specifically on me and my company...Oh and she´s been wrecking chaos on their lives too.

John Ross: What are you gonna do?

Sue Ellen: The only link between Abby and the dummy company is Mandy Winger. She sold her the info that Shania had on me. And she´s been waiting for the right time to leave...

John Ross: Don´t do anything crazy mum!

Sue Ellen: We are arriving at the airport, keep me updated about the verdict... (she hungs up)


(The limo parks in front of one of the taxi-free spots, and Sue Ellen gets out of the car. She looks at her gold watch and begins to look for someone who can fit the physical depiction of Mandy.

Sue Ellen (getting into the car again): Please Jared, let´s drive around a little, I must find someone urgently.

Jared: What does she look like?

Sue Ellen (handing him the magazine with Mandy´s latest cover): Remember her?

Jared (smiling ear to ear): If she´s here, I´ll find her (he drives off as Sue Ellen frowns, anxiously. Cut to another area of the airport where Mandy is talking on her cell. We can´t hear what she is saying. The camera zooms out and we see Sue Ellen´s limo driving around that area.)

Jared (pointing at Mandy): Isn´t that the woman in question?

Sue Ellen: Yes she is, please Jared drive slower, and stop when I tell you. And please don´t leave, I´ll pay the traffic ticket if the police come around... (The limo gets closer to the camera, and then it cuts to Sue Ellen´s door. She gets up and looks up to Mandy...But she is terrified when she thinks she´s lost her.)

Jared: Look back, Mrs. Ewing! (Mandy, with her sunglasses on, tries to run away from them, and she calls a taxi. Then Sue Ellen shouts out loud her name)

Sue Ellen: Mandy Winger! (Mandy gets nervous and another person takes the taxi, and suddenly she begins to run away) Mandy, stop! (She shouts louder. But the camera shows a bus coming around and its driver brakes suddenly...but too late: we see the shocked face of the driver; Sue Ellen gets closer and sees the bloody body of her eternal nemesis Mandy (which we don´t see). A minute later, a cop shows up.)

Cop: Did you know this woman, madam?

Sue Ellen (a cold look in her face, next to Jared, who is almost teary-eyed): Hardly. I just tried to stop her because I saw the bus coming her way...


(Traveling shot of the park from left to right, and zoom into two small figures while we hear their voices speaking. The action is back to the present. Subtitle: "London, 2008".)

Sue Ellen: I can remember the day you, John Ross and I arrived in London, twenty years ago...

Don: So do I... (smiling)

Sue Ellen (ironicly): What? Why are you laughing at me? 

Don: Nobody´s laughing at you! I´m sure you don´t remember what you wanted to do first here...

Sue Ellen (playfully): Hmmm. Visiting the Tower of London? Having tea with Lady Di?

Don: No, not at all. You wanted to go buying a big hat for the Ascot Racecourse! You thought there was one race every week, and you were determined to make good connections there to launch your new company...

Sue Ellen: Oh mine! I completely forgot that...lucky me. I can´t believe I was so self-absorbed back then (both of them laugh). It´s been so great to laugh again, I didn´t realize I´ve been missing you so badly...

Don: Me too, Sue Ellen (he kisses her cheek). Right before your call, three months ago, I had a funny feeling. I was almost sure you were going to call me, and you did.

Sue Ellen: That´s what you get when you let someone read your diary...They get to know you too well. 

Don: You also came here about two years ago, after your brother-in-law was sentenced. And after Mandy Winger died before your eyes, and you lost control of your companies. I´m going to tell you the same thing I told you then: you still got it. And I´m not talking about your beautiful brown eyes...You still got the capacity to pull yourself together, no matter what happens, and build up something out of the blue. You lost your companies and you were sure that the women who tried to kill you got away with it. But you took you cell phone and called me, and the next day, you were here in London. I was a little scared when I saw you, but I tried to hide it. 

Sue Ellen: Did I look so awful? 

Don: You didn´t dare to look at my eyes, that´s it. Until the second week, you didn´t tell me what had happened. Of course, I knew that already thanks to John Ross. That damned trial, then knowing that J.R. had a daughter, and, in the middle of that, your new relationship with Dusty...I decided to let you alone for awhile, and time healed you. I was sure of that, and I wished for it so strongly. 

Sue Ellen: I just...feel as if I´m stuck in a loop. Everything´s going fine, and suddenly, once again, I have to start over, as if everything I have done until now is worthless. I do know I can make it on my own again, but every time, it´s harder and harder...That´s what happened when John Ross got married and I almost lost my business. And that young woman...not being sure, ever, if she was responsible for my overdose, and knowing that she is J.R.´s daughter...That was the last drop. And you helped me a lot, Don. 

Don: I´m not only your ex-husband, Sue Ellen...

Sue Ellen: ...I know: you´re my best friend too. But it´s time to go back home and face everybody. Face my family, the Ewings. My son and his wife Andrea. I´ve isolated myself by focusing on my business, and I may have lost the most important thing I´ve had: my family. And maybe even Dusty. So...I´ll take a flight back to Dallas tomorrow, and maybe, if I´m lucky, the Ewings will forgive me for not supporting them in the last two years. What do you think, do I have a chance?

Don: You better do, because next week I´ll fly to Hungary and start filming a movie...

Sue Ellen: And do you think I´d be helpless in London without you? I could go see "Piaf" one more time...or even "The Graduate". 

Don: I´m afraid "The Graduate" is back to the U.S. 

Sue Ellen: Too bad...I found it so...exciting (they both laugh loudly). Don (looking all serious again), thank you so much for being such a good friend. I miss you...and I love you. Now I´m sure everything will go back to normal for me (she embraces him and Don softly caresses her hair).


(Black screen and title of the scene in white letters: "Ray". Fade into the first scene: General shot of the questioning room at the Braddock Police Station. Subtitle: "2005". Cut to a close shot of a sad-looking Ray.)

Ray: I was glad to see you again at the barbecue Barb, though we couldn´t have a chance to talk...

Barbara: I´m also happy to see you Ray. I wish it were in better circumstances...Julian and I just came today from Houston, in time for the barbecue. First of all, I need to know what happened on the last Oil Barons´ Ball night. You know why the police took you here, don´t you?

Ray: Sure. They said that they wanted to question me about the death of someone called John Doe...

Barb: Did you know him Ray?

Ray (serious): No I did not. But I had heard from him thru Bob, he had hired this detective guy to find about his son Christopher´s whereabouts.

Barb: We don´t have too much time, so I´ll go straight to the point. What happened on the Ball´s night? Where were you that night?

Ray: Well, Donna and Ray had decided to stay at home and skip the Ball, because my doctor had insisted. I´ve had a lot headaches lately and those events are quite noisy, not to say violent... (Ray smiles at Barb) I was half-asleep when I saw my cell flashing in the darkness. I´d rather have it on in case some emergency happens...So that night, I got a call from Bob. I went to the kitchen so I wouldn´t bother Donna. He told me that he had an idea: Why not spend the weekend the three of us together, meaning me, Bob and Gary, in a brotherly outing as we used to? We would go fishing to Takapa lake, though we had to hurry up to leave early in the morning.

Barb: Where did Bob call you from?

Ray: He was in a motel in Lubbock. He had decided to stop his search and fire the detective. Then he called Gary and had arranged everything with him to go fishing. So if I agreed, we would go the next day to Takapa. I said ok, and hung up. Right after that, I went to pick up my fishing stuff, got into my truck and drove all the way until our meeting point, half-way between Lubbock and Dallas.

Barb: Did you think it was a usual thing to do, calling you at night to go fishing the next day?

Ray (trying to smile): Bob may be quite impulsive, you know him enough to know that.

Barb: And what happened during that weekend?

Ray: Well, we tried to disconnect from everything to keep the atmosphere as quiet as possible, but Bob forgot to switch off his cell, and got a call. It was his son Christopher, who had decided to come home with his half-sister Charlie.

Barb: Did it surprise you Ray?

Ray: In fact yes, I was shocked. I didn´t know that Chris had been living near Southfork for awhile, and had lost touch with him lately, as well as with his sister. So after that call, we decided to pack up things on Sunday morning and go back home.

Barb (looking away): Do you know why the police bring you here Ray?

Ray (he remains silent for awhile): I´ve been told that detective´s dead body was found in the bottom of a sealed oil rig in Section 40 of Southfork...

Barb: And who happens to own that rig?

Ray: That rig was one of the richest oil rigs in all the Southfork property. Miss Ellie promised her father she wouldn´t let anyone drill any part of land belonging to the ranch, but in 1980, J.R. mortaged the house and the whole land to get a loan, so he could invest in a big Asian lease. They almost had to drill that land when the bank pushed them to, but in the last minute J.R. found a gusher and they stopped the drilling at Southfork. After that, that piece of land was almost forgotten, and the rig was sealed right away. Just before J.R.´s death, Miss Ellie gave to Bobby the ranch´s ownership...and he gave me part of his lands, sure as was that I´d never let anyone drill that land. Now, Section 40 belongs...to me.

Barb: So you are the one who best knows everything related to that rig?

Ray: Yes.

Barb: I have to tell you Ray, that the police found your DNA in the clothes of that detective. And his death seems to be dated back on the last Oil Barons´ Ball night. (Barb moves her hand towards Ray´s) You know I do care about you. A few years ago, we both shared something very special, so please, for our memories´ sake, and for you own sake, tell me truth about what happened that night. Donna is pushing me to let a lawyer friend of hers, a Paul Morgan, defend you if you are formally accused of murder. I ask you, no I beg you, to let me defend you. Honestly Ray, do you think that a man in his seventies can defend you better than me? Do you really want to take that chance? (Ray puts his right hand over his face and closes his eyes. Then he opens them and looks at Barb) So please Ray decide: Do you want me to be your lawyer...?

Ray: Yes Barb. Be my lawyer.

Barb: And now, tell me all about that fateful night...


(Close shot of Ray, laying on his jail bunk. He tries to sleep, but all he does is hearing voices from the past)

("Dallas" Season 4 Flashback: Ray is in jail while J.R. tries to convince him to sell him his share of Ewing Oil.)

(Echoed dialogues) J.R.: Daddy would be ashamed to see you where you were. Sell me your share of Ewing Oil! You are not worth them...Look at you: unshaved, drunk, rotting in a jail. Daddy would be ashamed of you!

("Dallas" Season 6 Flashback: Lucy blames Ray for plugging off Mickey´s life support system)

Lucy (crying and shouting at Ray): Why did you have to kill Mickey? You murderer, you murderer...There were chances he could recover but you killed him... (Donna holds Lucy back to stop her from hitting Ray)

("Dallas" Season 7 Flashback: Donna tells Ray about her pregnancy)

Ray: What a better reason to solve out our problems?
Donna: Ray, a baby shouldn´t be the reason to solve our problems. We should sit down and discuss them instead...
Ray: So you are pregnant, we´re separate...what are you supposed to do Donna?
Donna: I don´t know...

("Dallas" Season 10 Flashback: Ray confesses to Jenna his affair with psycho girl Connie)

Ray: Jenna...that woman wasn´t a stranger. She had been in our house before... (Jenna looks stunned) i couldn´t know she was crazy...I...had an affair with her. (Jenna gets up and slowly walks over to the hospital room door, and leaves)

(Back to present)

Ray (muttering to himself): My God. Why did I mess up my life so badly...? Oh why...? (Suddenly, he hears the outer door being opened and the steps of three people coming his way. One of the jail guards wide opens his jail and tells him:)

Guard: Well Krebbs. Lucky you. Time to go. The charges have been dropped.

Ray (putting his coat on and combing his hair): Really? What´s changed?

Guard: We can´t tell you. (Ray gets out of the jail and, in the corridor, he crosses his way out with the two guards, taking inside the jailhouse another person, well-known to Ray.

Ray: Hey, what the Hell is going on? Why are you doing this? He´s not guilty of anything!!

Guard: Shut up Krebbs, or you´ll spend another night for altercation.

Ray (starting to walk away, turns around to look at the person who has taken his place): No matter what you said...it´s not the right thing to do...


(Subtitle: 2005. Close shot of Gary, who archs his eyebrows and stares at Barbara, sitting in front of him)

Gary: So, where should I begin?

Barbara (putting her hands together): What about the last Oil Barons´ Ball? What happened that night?

Gary (serious): I thought you knew...

Barb: Gary, I did listen to Ray´s story, and also to Bob´s version, but so far, I couldn´t find a bit of truth in any of them. For your brothers´ sake, tell me the truth about that night...ok? (She smiles, trying to raise sympathy in him as well as his sincerity)

Gary: Ok. We were at the Longview Nightclub, the place where we usually go after the Ball. I was chatting with my wife and my daughter, and also Pam. Suddenly, I got a text message from Bob. (From now on, the flashbacks alternate with the version of the facts that Gary is telling Barbara)


Gary (voiceover): "He said that he was coming home. He had decided to stop his search and fire the detective. And said to me: why not going fishing the two of us, the next morning? (The FB shows the real content of the sms: "No kidnap, detective con artist, come with 1 million in briefcase, ASAP! Keep it secret". Back to present.)

Barb: And what did you do then?

Gary: Well, I told Val and left right away (back to FB, with the real conversation between them: )
Val: Is anything wrong Gary?

Gary: Valene, remember what happened a couple of years ago, when I was kidnapped by the sons of that guy from California who beated me? (She nods) And your mistrust when I told you a lie trying to keep it away from you? 

Val: Yes. Gary, now you´re scaring the hell out of me...

Gary: Bobby´s got a problem and I must go home, pick up a few things and go help him. I´ll let you a note over the nighttable. I´ll tell you all I know there. I don´t want to feel your mistrust again, Valene. I love you... (They kiss and he leaves the place, letting Val deeply concerned. Back to present)

Barb: Did you see anyone at the ranch? 

Gary: No I didn´t. The house was empty and I just took my fishing staff and left.

Barb: What about Val? 

Gary: She returned with the women to Southfork.


(Back to FB. Val walks into their wing of the house, and switches lights on. She rushes to the bedroom and finds Gary´s note on his nighttable. She takes it and reads it: "Dear Val: Bob needs help urgently with the detective he hired. The kidnapping might be a fraud after all. I´m gonna meet him at Lubbock and work this out. Don´t worry about me: I´ll be fine. I´ll call you when all is over. Please burn this after you read it. Love, Gary". Val cries and takes a lighter left by him next to the note. Then she lights the note and watches it burn out. Back to present)
Barb (looking at him suspiciously): Did you think it was a usual thing to do, calling you at night to go fishing the next day?

Gary: Well, no. But after all, I had been so many years away from home that I took any chance to spend fun time with my brother...

Barb: And didn´t Ray go with you?

Gary: No...Yes, I mean. Sure, we used to do this kind of things when we were kids. 

Barb: Why didn´t you tell me that Ray was going with you, Gary?

Gary (nervously): I don´t know. I forgot it, for a moment.

Barb: What did you do after that? Where did you meet them exactly?

Gary: Half-way between Lubbock and Dallas.  

Barb: So Ray was with Bob already?

Gary: Yes. No. What are you trying to do Barbara? (Gary gets up and looks at her angry)

Barb (standing up too): I´m just trying to find the truth in that pack of lies you all are telling me! Your nephew Christopher supposedly had been kidnapped and suddenly, his father fires the person who was searching for him. Then Christopher and his sister show up at Southfork two days later, and one month later, the detective´s corpse is found at the bottom of the only rig of Ray´s property, Section 40. I won´t listen to more lies from any of you. If you want me to defend you, I got to know what really happened that night, not a story the three of you have made up and planned to explain with the same words...

Gary: I think we are finished, Barbara (she walks away from Gary, then turns around and gets closer to him). 

Barb (giving him a killer look): Listen up Gary: I´m not only your lawyer, I´m also part of your family. You were named after MY father Garrison and I spent most of my life thinking I was just the daughter of your family´s lawyer. But when I found out that I was a Southworth, there was no one left to answer my questions: neither my father Harv, nor Miss Ellie nor my natural parents. I didn´t want anything from the Ewings but being accepted as such. You must know that your grandfather wanted the ranch to be inherited by Garrison. I could have suited you all and keep the ranch for myself, but I didn´t. You got proofs of my loyalty and good intentions. Now I demand from you all the same thing. Otherwise, you´ll soon have to visit your brother in prison...


(Black screen and title of the scene in white letters: "John Ross". Fade into the first scene: General shot of one of the parks in Ray Hubbard Lake. Subtitle: "2005". Cut to a profile shot of John Ross and his fiancée Andrea, lying on the ground, looking at each other).

Andrea: It´s been a great night, John Ross...

John Ross: What´s been your favorite moment of the night?

Andrea: One minute ago...? (She kisses him with passion)

John Ross: I have...something for you (he reaches out his jacket and takes a black box out of his right pocket. Then he gets down on his knees and opens the box for her) Will you marry me, Andrea, and make me the happiest man in the planet?

Andrea (she looks at the shining Queen Plumeria Dome ring): Oh my God...It´s amazing...Is it rose gold?

John Ross: Sure! It´s 22 karats, especially brought from Hawaii for the most beautiful girl in the world.

Andrea: I´ve never seen something so wonderful John Ross! Do you know the meaning of this type of flower, Plumeria?

John Ross: I do know what marrying you would mean to me: it´s what I have been longing for, since the first time I saw you...

Andrea: Plumeria is used by many cultures to symbolize positivity, grace, beauty, devotion...

John Ross: I can see the first three every time I look at you, and you can see the last one in me, if you look at me the way I look at you.

Andrea: I didn´t know that you Texans were keen on poetry...

John Ross: Google is really helpful these days... (both laugh) So my question is, Andrea Thompson, will you marry me and become the new Mrs. Ewing?

Andrea (in tears): Yes, yes...I´ll become the new Mrs. Ewing (she kisses and embraces him, while she puts the ring box on the side. Cut into black)


(Establishing shot of the Southfork Ranch, full of people attending the Ewing Barbecue. John Ross is drinking a beer and suddenly, his cell rings. It´s his mother)

John Ross (walking away to be able to hear her mother´s voice): Hello, mum?

Sue Ellen: John Ross, are you at the barbecue?

John Ross: Sure, why aren´t you here already?

Sue Ellen: Something´s happened with my accounts. They´re almost overdrawn...all of them.

John Ross: What do you mean with that?

Sue Ellen: I was at the door when I got an urgent call from my accountant and he told me that big sums of money have been withdrawn this last week. There´s no funds to pay my staff and all the future expenses. I can´t believe it!

John Ross: What do you mean, "no funds to pay your staff"? You are multimillionaire, as much as a Ewing!

Sue Ellen: Oh please, John Ross, don´t be childish...You know that my capital is in two accounts that finance my companies. There is no other use for these accounts. I think someone has hacked my bank accounts!

John Ross: That´s impossible...

Sue Ellen: Would you please tell Christopher to call me as soon as possible?

John Ross: Do you want me to find him and put him on?

Sue Ellen: No, enjoy the barbecue...Give my regards to everybody and excuse my absence.

John Ross (confused): Ok. Bye mum.


(Establishing shot of the Southfork Ranch. Zoom into John Ross walking, and finally joining Andrea, dressed in a sexy Texas-themed white gown)

Andrea: Welcome back, outsider! I thought you decided to leave all alone in the middle of this party...

John Ross: Well, to be true, this a Ewing barbecue. Not a party, honey... (he sweetly kisses her lips) People can´t say they´ve seen everything Texan unless they´ve been in one...Are you enjoying yourself?

Andrea: Oh yeah. I´ve been talking to Lucy and Val, getting to know them better. They don´t look like mother and daughter...

John Ross: Yeah, Val had Lucy when she was only fifteen. You know, she and Gary got married too early...and my dad didn´t like that. There´s something I´d like to ask you Andrea (she stares at him): Have you ever thought about having a baby?

Andrea: Not until now. My career has come first, at least until I met you...What do you have in mind?

John Ross: Have I showed you our barn? It´s another place at Southfork that is worth visiting, at least once...

Andrea: Are you having naughty thoughts, John Ross...? (He nods) Ok, let´s go on tour...


(General shot of Andrea holding John Ross´s hand as the couple begins to walk away from the food stands near the big house. But they stop when they see the sheriff´s car parking in front of them)

Sheriff: Mr. Ewing, madam.

John Ross: Hi sheriff, wanna have a beer?

Sheriff: No. I´m very sorry but I´m on duty. I need to talk to Mr. Ray Krebbs. Is he present?

John Ross: Look around, I think he is... (turning around to look for Ray, he eventually finds him by the pool, and points at him) Over there, right by the pool.

Sheriff: Oh, ok. Thanks Mr. Ewing.

John Ross: I wonder what good old Ray has done now... (Andrea frowns while the sheriff and his assistant walk through the crowd and stop where Ray is chatting with Donna and Bob)


(Shot/Countershot of the sheriff and Bob, Ray, Donna and Barbara)

Sheriff: Mr. Krebbs... (touching his hat to them)

Bob: Hello Sheriff. I´m surprised to see you here...but you´re welcome as usual.

Sheriff: Thanks Mr. Ewing. Actually we have come for Mr. Krebbs... (Donna and Bob look at Ray in shock, and then back to the sheriff. In the background, we can notice John Ross´s watching them from the distance...)

Ray: Well...What´s wrong, sheriff?

Sheriff: I´m sorry but you are under arrest for the murder of a man called John Doe (the assistant begins to read his rights to him. Ray doesn´t resist to them and looks helpless to Bob, who keeps his eyes on him, as if he is trying to give him a message in some kind of code. Donna notices this and walks closer to the sheriff). We have found incriminatory proofs in his body.

Donna: What the hell is this, sheriff? We don´t know a thing about that, do we Bob? Ray? (She begins to tremble when they don´t answer.) I wanna know why you´re taking away my husband, sheriff? (Gary is also watching the scene, and walks towards the group)

Gary: Hey sheriff, you said yourself that the man who was found dead at the Section 40 rig was a drunk, a hobo, and had nothing to do with us (A scared Val, behind him, listens to the conversation).

Sheriff: No Mr. Ewing. I just said "probably", he probably was a drunk man who fell down into the rig after opening it again. But that has changed. I can´t give you more information.

Barbara: I heard what you said, sheriff. I am the family lawyer, I´ll go with you to the police station. Ray, don´t say anything... (Donna looks somewhat outraged, then confused)

Donna: We´ll go together Barb. Let´s take my car...I´ll gonna get inside for my purse... (She is followed by Val)


(Shot/Countershot of Val and Donna)

Val: May we help you somehow Donna?

Donna (furious): No, thank you. We have enough trouble...

Valene: But, Donna, why are you so angry at me?

Donna: I noticed your reaction when the police were arresting Ray. I have the bad feeling that it´s your husband who had something to do with that man´s death...

Val: That´s nonsense...Why are you saying that? I thought we were friends...

Donna: Maybe I shouldn´t have told you not long ago that Ray has a criminal record...for mercy killing his cousin Mickey, many years ago...

Valene: Gary also was suspect of murder not once but twice, back in California, and he was innocent both times. If Ray is too, they will let him go right away... (Behind the outer doors, we see that John Ross is listening to the conversation.)

Donna: I´m too angry to continue this talk Val. So if you excuse me, I have to go try stop my husband from being imprisoned again (She takes her purse and gets out, but John Ross has had time to leave. Traveling to John Ross, drinking a beer).

John Ross (muttering to himself): Well well, look at this. So my dear uncles have quite a stormy past and I didn´t know...If dad was here, he would be happy...really happy.

(Cut to a shot of Ray inside the car, in handcuffs. He turns around and looks back at Bobby, Pam, Gary, Val, John Ross and Andrea. The camera zooms into Bob and Gary´s serious, sweaty faces)


(Establishing shot of the building. Cut to John Ross sitting down in a chair next to his mother, while they have a light drink)

John Ross: So Mother? What´s so urgent? Did you talk to Christopher about your problem?

Sue Ellen: Yes I did. I knew he´d be able to help me though...maybe it´s too late.

John Ross: Too late? What do you mean?

Sue Ellen: As I told you on the phone, my corporate accounts have no funds. Someone managed to withdraw all my cash this last month, using small sums that eventually became millions. Chris tracked down the hacker as far as he could, but he was a really good one, and as it seems, the only thing we know is that he´s located in California, and even this may be a mislead...I´m feeling awful about this. I shouldn´t have stayed so long in Europe with Dusty...

John Ross: It´s not your fault...You got stuck in Paris because of the controllers´ strike and you couldn´t come back on time for the Oil Barons´ Ball...Besides, you must have an insurance for cases like this, don´t you?

Sue Ellen: I do, but we´re talking about millions here. And time is important. I was wondering...if you could loan me some money.

John Ross: Sure. How much do you need?

Sue Ellen: Right now I need around 2 million.

John Ross (surprised): 2 million? And "right now"? (He gets up and begins to walk in circles around the room) Mum, I don´t have that cash...I should have told you something long ago...

Sue Ellen (confused): What happened to the money your father left you and James in that Swiss account? Please don´t get angry with me, I´d like to know...

John Ross (sitting down and holding her hands): Mum, you know I and Andrea are going to marry in a couple of months, don´t you?

Sue Ellen: Yes, but...what does it have to do with your inheritance?

John Ross: Nothing. Or almost. Look, right before I met Andrea, Pamela´s company, Wentworth Industries, went public and she became the wealthiest woman in Texas...like it or not. Well, I had been saving my money until then because I had found out about her decision. So I´ve been buying Wentworth stock since then, and I´m going to give it to Andrea as a wedding present. At this moment I own 50% of that company. Dad would be proud.

Sue Ellen (sad-looking): Oh yes...I bet he would...Darling, let me tell you something: I think you´re gonna get a big surprise when you give her that..."present". So you have all your money invested in Pam´s former company. J.R. must be dancing down there...

John Ross: Mama, do you have to be so sarcastic? I wanted to become someone big, not only your son or J.R.´s. It was very tough losing the company that James and I funded...Ewing Oil...I´m very grateful to you for trying to save my neck then, but I can´t loan you more than half a million, tops.

Sue Ellen: Ok. You are being honest, and that´s something your father never did. You are your own person, and I shouldn´t have counted on you to help me...

John Ross: But Mama, what about Bob, Gary and Ray? What about Pamela? Or even Dusty...

Sue Ellen: Oh no. That would destroy our relationship, and I can´t temp fate. God knows it´s a miracle we´re still together after all that J.R. did to stop it. And Pam sold the company out because she and Bob wanted to travel around the world and forget the oil business for awhile. I´ll think about it. It was my fault that I trusted too much on Shania, she was the only one who had access to my computer when I left the office... (She gets up and takes her purse) Son, don´t worry about me. I´ve been down many times before, and I managed to re-invent myself. Can you drive me home please? (She kisses her son´s cheek and walks out of the office, leaving the door open. He stands still for a second, and then, joins her at the elevator. Sue Ellen tries to smile and hide her deep discomfort.)


(Establishing shot of John Ross´s private jet flying to the Hawaii islands as the first step of their honeymoon. Subtitle: "2 months later". Cut to a medium shot of the new-married couple)

John Ross: This is looking at you, kid. To my first, truest and last love... (clinking his glass of champagne with hers)

Andrea: To my brand new husband, John Ross Ewing III. And to the end of any family animosity, and the beginning of our own dynasty! (She drinks and kisses his mouth)

John Ross (kissing her back and caressing her silky face): When I think of what could´ve happened...

Andrea: Do you mean, that guy who was blackmailing you? (He nods) We won, that´s what matters...Besides, he won´t be the last. If we are going to be powerful and strong, a lot of people will try to hurt us...

John Ross: Were you scared? I mean, when we faked that wedding in Dallas to catch that scoundrel...Thanks for agreeing to wear those red-tint bags under your wedding dress. That confused him for sure...

Andrea: Not my dreamy wedding at all, but I didn´t want a big ceremony anyway. I´m sure you´ll love our sunset wedding in Hawaii...I´m so sorry your family is in such a turmoil right now. Your mother having those financial problems and the others, so upset with your uncle´s trial...

John Ross: Don´t worry too much about them. We´re all Ewings, even my mother. She´s maybe the strongest of them all. And about my uncle...he didn´t do it. There´s no way he´ll be convicted and sent to jail... (Then John Ross notices his cell vibration and sees who is calling: his cousin Chris. He rejects the call. Then he gets a text message that says: "He´s been found guilty. 4-year sentence." John Ross turns his cell off and begins to undress his wife, as the camera pans away...)


(Zenith shot of the manor´s entryway, with Barbara´s limo parking at the front door. Subtitle: "2008". The chauffeur gets out of the vehicle and opens the passengers´ right door. It´s raining heavily and out comes Barbara Southworth, now Kóvacs, dressed in black and holding an umbrella of the same color. She walks into the house. Cut to next scene: Barbara has put her coat off and inserts a cd in the cd player, and plays the song "I Fall To Pieces".)

"I fall to pieces
Each time I see you again
I fall to pieces
How can I be just your friend?

You want me to act like we've never kissed
You want me to forget (to forget)
Pretend we never met (never met)
And I've tried and I've tried
But I haven't yet
You walk by and I fall to pieces"

(Barbara looks at a portrait of hers and her husband Julian, and takes it. Then she holds it close to her heart and begins to move around, following the rhythm of the song, which keeps on playing...)

"I fall to pieces
Each time someone speaks your name
I fall to pieces
Time only adds to the flame

You tell me to find someone else to love
Someone who'll love me too (love me too)
The way you used to do (used to do)
But each time I go out with someone new
You walk by and I fall to pieces
You walk by and I fall to pieces"

Barbara (silently crying): I´m so sorry I lost the case...You and your family didn´t deserve that hell...You trusted me and I...lost the case... (Then puts the photo back on the homeplace shelf and takes the remote to re-play the song...)

"I fall to pieces
Each time I see you again
I fall to pieces
How can I be just your friend?"

Barbara: Oh my love...I made so many mistakes...If you just could be my friend...

Julian (unexpectedly): How can I be just your friend (paraphrasing the song)?

Barbara (pleasantly surprised): Julian? I didn´t know you were here...

Julian: Actually, I´ve always been here. It´s you who got away...

Barbara (still crying): Will you ever forgive me?

Julian (holding her tightly): There is nothing to forgive. Just stay home. And please, don´t fall to pieces... (The couple laugh, and kiss passionately as the camera pans around them and the song comes to an end again).

"I fall to pieces
Each time someone speaks your name
I fall to pieces
Time only adds to the flame

You tell me to find someone else to love
Someone who'll love me too (love me too)
The way you used to do (used to do)"


(Black screen and title of the scene in white letters: "Charlie". Fade into an aerial shot of a Dallas suburban area. Zoom in to a glass building. Subtitle: "2009". Blurry, close shot of a woman´s eyes. The image becomes clear and pans away. It´s a woman in her thirties: Charlie, the daughter of Jenna Wade and her first husband, Naldo Marchetta. She blinks and puts the mirror down. Suddenly, her cell phone rings. She lets it ring three times and then she answers it)

Charlie: Hello? (She listens, anxiously) Yeah...yeah, I´m ready (she keeps listening). Ok, I´ll be there. Yes, I promised, didn´t I? What else do you want from me, Lucas? (She hangs up nervously. Afterwards, she looks for her purse, and takes something out of it. It´s an old photo of hers, her mother Jenna, her stepfather Ray and her baby half-brother Lucas, taken in front of the hospital, the day the latter was brought home. A tear falls from one of her eyes.) Despite everything, Lucas, you should know better. I´m doing this for you and only for you... (Fade into next scene, a flashback)


(Establishing shot of the ranch with the sunset in the background. Subtitle: "2005". Ray´s truck parks near the main house, and Lucy, Val and Donna come out of it to welcome them. The camera pans up and shows Pam looking through her bedroom window for a minute. Then she joins the family downstairs. The camera takes the subjective POV as Pam gets closer and closer to the newcomers. She takes a deep breath, and forces a smile in her concerned face. Then she walks out.)

Pam (smiling at them): Welcome back to Southfork! (Bob looks at her and calls his two guests, who stand in front of Pam: they are Charlie and Lucas, both of them obviously nervous. Pam embraces Charlie first, and then holds Lucas) I´m so happy to know you, Lucas. Finally. (Val and Donna are also standing by their men)

Lucas: Me too, Pam.

Charlie (cynically): I liked the old house best. Too bad. I´ll go upstairs and rest. Please have Teresa bring me my bags (Pam blinks and then looks back to Bob and frowns. Then everybody goes inside and, when Pam holds Bob´s arm to go in too, she notices that Bob´s leather boots are washed-out)

Pam (whispering to Bob´s ear): What have you been doing with the boots I gifted you last month? (He forces a smile and the camera pans away to focus on his body: then it freezes to black & white image, followed by a high-angle shot ending in his boots. The camera zooms in and then it fades into red, and then out into black).


(Establishing shot of Waco and a subtitle: "Three months earlier". Charlie and Lucas are sitting at a table in a humble diner in the town of Waco. It´s afternoon and there hardly are five other people at the place.)

Lucas: I can´t believe you called me for this. Are you kidding me?

Charlie: No I´m not. It´s for real, I have everything planned out. 

Lucas (standing up): Sorry, I have to work tonight, I outta be sleeping right now...

Charlie: So this is all you want in life? A lousy job as a night watchman in a drugstore? Answer to me.

Lucas (shaking his head): No, of course not, but I´m not ashamed of having that job. Besides, my flat is not too far and the bus takes me home in the early morning. I don´t need a car, or anything expensive. 

Charlie: But do you realize how close we were to be millionaires? Just if Mama had married Bobby when she was released from prison instead of him marrying that nitwit Pam! 

Lucas: Past belongs to the past, Charlie. You know I reconsidered last year´s "revenge plot" of yours. I should´ve visited them at Southfork instead of getting a job at the next ranch and spy on them. 

Charlie: You know something? You may be my brother but you are an ungrateful brat. Who rescued you from that adoptive family when the father began to hit you? I helped you out of that house and tried to make a living for both of us...

Lucas (looking down): Yes, but that doesn´t give you the right to tell me how to live my life. I´m an adult now and I don´t wanna depend on anybody. 

Charlie: That´s ok. That´s why my plan is so perfect for that. Look, I met a guy, a detective who has agreed to help us. He´ll be the link between us and the Ewings...

Lucas: What the hell are you talking about, Charlie? 

Charlie (whispering): Simple. Kidnapping. 

Lucas (picking up his cowboy hat and walking away): Now I know you are crazy... (Charlie follows him outside and takes his hand to stop him)

Charlie: Please wait, Lucas! It´s a good idea. You know how hard is to me to get a job, any job... (she shows him a scar inside her forearm (Lucas looks at the scar, concerned). And the scars not visible are still worse. But I wanna do this for us to get what we deserve, that´s all. Hear, this guy, Johnny, has done it before and says it´s a sure thing. We just have to be careful and leave the country when we get the money. We can go back to France...

Lucas: Charlie, that´s illegal and we´d hurt the people who cared so much about you and Mama, including my natural father and Ray too.

Charlie: Do you know what these scars are to me, Lucas? They are the daily reminder that it was Mama who died in that car accident in Nice, not me. It was my fault because I was driving the car, not her...I wish I had died instead! (She begins to cry...and turns around, pretending to walk away from him) 

Lucas (going after her): Ok, I know I´ll regret it, but I´ll help you, with one condition. Only if nobody gets physically hurt. 

Charlie: Ok brother...I´ll introduce you to Johnny, I´m sure you´ll like him (she puts her arm around his shoulder and the camera zooms in to his confused face. Then it fades into the close shot of the man called Johnny, who turns out to be Bobby´s detective John Doe. He is lying on the floor, completely motionless, the blood coming out of his mouth. He´s obviously dead.)



(Establishing shot of Lubbock and a subtitle: "Three months later". Close shot of a briefcase being opened and showing its content: seemingly it´s full of cash)

Johnny: Are you sure you weren´t followed?

Charlie: Of course! What do you take me for, a fool? We got it, it´s what we wanted, our ticket to a better life...

Johnny (counting the money and taking one pack of dollars out of the briefcase; then he notices something strange): Hey don´t make plans yet babe...There´s only 100.000 bucks here...the rest is blank filler (he shows her the briefcase). I thought you said the guy was reliable, that he cared about you...

Charlie: And he did...I can´t understand why he´s cheated us...We should take this money and run away...together!

Johnny (turning around towards Chris, who is standing behind them): I think not...We said that we wanted one million, and that´s what we´ll get (then he reaches out for a big knife). We´ll tell him that we´re not kidding, they need proofs that we do have Lucas, maybe a finger will be enough (Lucas suddenly looks terrified)...

Lucas: What the hell are you talking about? We´ve already gone too far. I made a mistake when I agreed you took that picture of me...Charlie, do you really want him to go on?

Charlie (confused): Yes, I mean no, Johnny, darling... (she gets close to him and begins to caress his right cheek) My bro is right, this must end right here and now. We got some money so let´s go to Vegas and use it to get a lot more...You said I was your lucky charm... (The song "Suffering" by J-J Johanson begins to play)

"Nobody suffers like I do
Nobody else, oh no
Nobody suffers like I do
Nobody else but you
Through this waiting in vain
All this darkness and pain
I've been crying for you, now I'm dying
When this test is at end
I hope you'll understand
That you're all that I've got
Oh darling
Nobody suffers
Autumn is here inside my heart
When there's springtime in the air"

Johnny (holding the knife in his right hand): Charlotte, you are the one who underrates me. I wanna big money, and your stepfather...and Lucas´s father are multimillionaires. Come on, it won´t hurt too much... (Johnny turns around and then Charlie takes the knife away from his hand. Lucas punches his face but Johnny is much stronger and taller than him. Johnny steps down...) Good try...but you shouldn´t play with the big boys, kid... (Lucas hits him again and Johnny smiles...while his face freezes.) What the...? Charlie...? (Lucas realizes that Johnny has been stabbed by his sister, and takes the knife out of his back, but Charlie stabs him again, and pushes him onward. John Doe´s body falls heavily onto the ground while Lucas stares at her sister...Then they hear noises from the outside and look up: they find Bob, Gary and Ray at the door, shocked to see them in that situation...The song is reprised and the scene ends there. Fade out). 

"Nobody suffers like I do
Nobody else, oh no
Nobody suffers like I do
Nobody else but you"


(Black screen and subtitle: "2008. Present Day." Medium shot of Charlie, looking at the camera. Shot-countershot with Charlie and Pam)

Charlie: Hello...

Pam: Hello Charlotte. How are you feeling? 

Charlie: Good. Actually I´ve never felt better...or looked better (Pam is visibly concerned) though I´feeling dead inside... (she begins to cry...Pam gets closer to her and she begins to cry. Pam holds her and she finally lets her pain go...The camera pans away and we see that Lucas is standing behind the two women, repressing his own tears...Fade out).


(Aerial shot zooming over the Dallas County Prison and fade into the next scene. The corrections officer hears the inside door being opened and turns around. This time, the camera does show us the face of the character who is being released from prison: his name is Bobby James Ewing. While the officer gives him his personal belongings, we hear a voiceover with Bobby writing a letter to Pam explaining to him what really happened the night Johhny Doe was murdered:

"Dear Pam:

At last, I´ll be coming home tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you the whole truth of that fateful night. You know a few things of that, but not everything. When I was waiting for news in Lubbock, on the Oil Barons´ Ball night, my detective, John Doe, made a big mistake: he said that he understood how worried I was because Lucas was my only child. If you think back and remember Jenna´s trail, I claimed I was Charlie´s father so I could get the kid´s custody while Jenna was in jail. So publicly, everybody thought that I was her father. You didn´t because I told you the truth, and only my family knew that too. Aside from Charlie, so if that guy knew she wasn´t my daughter, it was because he knew her, and probably got her involved in the kidnapping.

Anyway, I knew I needed help so I called Gary and Ray and asked them to give me a hand. But I begged him to give an excuse: we´d go out on a fishing trip to Takapa lake the whole weekend. I told the detective that I needed no longer his services, and, when Gary and Ray arrived, I noticed that Gary had brought 100.000 dollars only, being sure we could work out the situation and rescue them. So we left the money where they told us, and watched who took it from the distance. Ray immediately recognized Charlie. So we followed her and, when we were waiting for the right time to get into the warehouse, we heard Charlie crying and screaming. We had no guns so we had to be careful. When we got inside, we saw the detective´s body bleeding and Lucas and Charlie fighting for the knife. It was clear that he wanted to accept the guilt for his death, though it probably was Charlie who had stabbed Doe.

Charlie was terrified and hysterical, and Lucas also very nervous. We made him some questions and then we asked him to get into Ray´s van. So we made a decision: we´d do anything to protect Charlie and Lucas, though we were sure that it had been an accident. We got rid of the knife after cleaning him carefully, and then we asked Ray to take the kids to the motel. Gary and I had checked out the dead man´s pulse as soon as we came inside. He had died instantly, maybe even before falling onwards, because Charlie had stabbed his heart. Nothing could be done for him, and the police would probably had charged both of them with the crime. We drove back to Southfork. Ray had helped us to put the body over the back of the van, and hushed to us that he knew where we could hide the corpse.

So we left the kids at a nearby motel and drove to the Section 40 of Southfork, now a part of Ray´s lands. He had remembered that there was an old rig that Miss Ellie allowed to open when J.R. mortgaged the ranch in 1980. The rig eventually was never used, and was sealed almost immediately. Now it was covered by bushes and hardly visible. So in the middle of the night, we re-opened the rig, and threw the body inside. It was painful for us, but so much more the though of seeing our kids in jail. We talked about what we had to say if something went wrong, so we made up an "official" version of what happened, so to say. We wanted to keep you all out of this. We didn´t want to make you accessories to anything. We´d say that Charlie and Lucas had called me on Sunday saying that they wanted to paid us a visit. And so the five of us returned on the Sunday afternoon. But you noticed that my brand new boots had been washed up and looked worn out. They had blood stains and I didn´t want to get rid of them, so I took that chance.

You must remember how excited Charlie and Lucas were those days...Now you know why. When a bunch of drunk kids found the body accidentally one night, their fear increased. So did ours. And Ray was arrested by the sheriff when they found out Doe´s identity and began to set up a scenario. But I didn´t want Ray to pay for that, and I delivered myself so Ray could be released right away. Then I called Barbara to be my lawyer, though she was reluctant to agree because of the phony story we were telling her. I finally confessed to her what really happened, and she took the case. But as you know, the Braddock County District Attoney intended to use that case as the last step of his campaign for the Senate. He manipulated everything and everybody to make me look guilty as hell. He faked proofs and caused a lot of pain to Sue Ellen and Ray when they were called to the stand by him. In the end, I was found guilty by the jury, and sentenced to ten years of jailtime.

If it hadn´t been for your trust in me, and your unconditional love and support, I couldn´t have survived to this hell. But you finally got closer to Charlie, and she confessed how her physical scars after the car accident had deeper emotional scars. Nobody better than you, Pam, could understand her pain and low self-esteem. You offered her to pay for her reconstructive surgery, and now, she is starting a new life. You let her choose whether to follow her previous path, or starting over. She decided to tell the new District Attorney what actually happened and my sentence has been commutted. The joint effort of Barbara, Gary, Christopher and you, Pam, has made this possible, because now we can prove that my trial was illegal, and the judge and the D.A. were linked not only by unhidden family links, but also by a mutual political interest. We have this on our side, and we won´t let them put Charlie in jail. We have too many things against both of them, the judge and the D.A.

What you have done for Charlie is priceless. The way you´ve won her heart as if she were your own daughter, is something admirable. I can´t wait to see your beautiful face again. My love, always, Bobby". (The song "Weapon" by Dave Matthews Band begins to play)

"Here by my side, an angel
Here by my side, the devil
Never turn your back on me
Never turn your back on me, again
Here by my side, it's Heaven"

(The camera shows a long-distance shot of the prison metal door. The door is opened by the prison officer and Bob walks out of there. He stands in the middle of the road and looks a both sides. Nobody is there waiting for him. He turns on the left and walks...Then he looks up and sees a black car that seems familiar to him. He takes his hat off and walks faster towards the crossroad. The car stops by his side and two people get out of it. Christopher comes out of the passenger side and Pamela comes out of the driver´s, which surprises Bob, who mocklingly says...)

Bob: So...from now on, are you gonna be the driver?

Pam (smiling): All the way home... (She walks slowly towards him and kisses him, very passionately. Chris looks at them and gets into the back seat. Bob and Pam keep on kissing as the camera pans away and the song is reprised).

"Careful, be careful
Careful, be careful
This is where the world drops off
Where the world drops off
Careful, be careful
You breathe in and you breathe out
For it ain't so weird
How it makes you a weapon
And you give in
And you give out
For it ain't so weird
How it makes you a weapon
Never turn your back on it
Never turn your back on it again

Careful, be careful
Here by my side, it's Heaven"


(Establishing shot of the N.Y.C. skycrapers. Medium shot of an apartment door being opened by a woman who turns out to be J.R.´s illegitimate daughter Shania. She puts the key in the lock and, before she can turn it, hears someone´s steps coming closer. We see a blonde woman wearing a fur coat. Shania turns her head around and opens her eyes widely.)

Shania: Who-who are you...?

Woman (the camera shows her back only): Oh, I´m sorry I scared you...

Shania: It´s ok...Do I know you?

Woman (looking up at the apartment number): Are you Shania Wyatt?

Shania: Who wants to know?

Woman (smiling wryly): I know you are...Shania, I´ve been waiting so long to meet you...My name is...Serena Wald. And I am...your mother (Shania blinks with a glint of panic in her eyes, and the scene fades out). 





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