Background:  This page was created by 10th grade Modern World History students.  
Assignment Objectives:
1) Demonstrate historical understanding of Imperialism in the context of an individual case study.
2) Select evidence and write the history from an historical perspective (either Colonizer or Colonized).  The writing should communicate a particular bias or perspective.  By writing from a particular bias or perspective students will also recognize bias in other historical writings.
3) Learn and use technology tools to create a website.

Getting started on your webpage project:
*Works best with Chrome Browser

1. Create a new page by clicking on the "Create New Page" button in the upper right hand corner. 

2. Name your page based on your topic

3. Go to Layout and choose a layout that you feel will best allow you to display the information needed:
Your Webpage must include:
  • Images that are property cited
  • A Quote Area with a quote that makes sense with your information
  • A Timeline: This can either be done in table format or by creating an image (see Page Example)
  • A picture of a map that is property cited
4. If you need to/want to create sub pages make sure to put them under your page in the Select a location area.