IMPECCABLE PROSE offers copyediting and proofreading services to authors and organizations.

We bring to bear 20 years’ experience in academic, business, and medical publishing. When clarity and accuracy are key, you can rely on us.

IMPECCABLE PROSE works with clients of all types and specializes in meeting their particular needs. Our standards are exacting but our work is tailored to each project. We offer three distinct services:
  • Substantive Edit: We review the entire manuscript in hardcopy or electronic format and offer constructive comments, ask clarifying questions, and suggest refinements to organization. If desired, we make no actual changes in the manuscript, aside from the insertion of these comments; rather, any text changes are made later, by the author, at his or her own discretion in response to each individual comment. By contrast, if preferred, we can rewrite as needed so no decisions or further work by the author are required.
  • Copyediting: We read the entire manuscript in electronic format and make changes as needed to enforce 1) clarity, 2) correctness, 3) conciseness, 4) comprehension, and 5) consistency. We make these changes directly in the electronic document but, if the author wishes, they can be made in such a way that they are visibly “tracked” and can be reviewed by the author and even undone if the author views the change as unwarranted.
  • Proofreading: Proofreading takes place after the manuscript has been typeset or otherwise made ready for publication. It entails a painstaking review of every line of the entire document, character by character, and aims to correct errors still present or introduced during the typesetting process.
Each service can be performed individually, but all three in succession are recommended to ensure the quality and consistency of the result. We are adept at enforcing the leading style guides in each discipline.
A brief “kickoff” meeting, in person or by phone, can be arranged prior to each service. This meeting is encouraged to improve the quality and satisfaction of the outcome, but it is not mandatory. Likewise, a brief meeting at the conclusion of each service can be arranged to discuss the nature of the work performed and answer any questions.

IMPECCABLE PROSE offers high-quality editorial work at rates that compare favorably with any other source. If you'd like a personalized estimate, contact us and send us a sample of your work. We'll review it and promptly reply with a no-obligation estimate of timing and cost. Estimates are based on brief samples of your manuscript; these estimates are intended and believed to be realistic, but the actual work may take more or less time than estimated. We accept payment via Paypal, and other means can be arranged.

We will not spam you, nor share your email address with anyone else.

Our rates are competitive but our quality is unsurpassed.


Liza at Impeccable Prose did an outstanding job editing my 92,000 word science fiction novel. Whether it was grammar or story flow, she gave excellent feedback on how to make the story better. She also took great interest in the story and didn't treat it like it was 'just another job.'  That attribute alone made me realize that I was working with a winner.  I will definitely use Impeccable Prose for my future novels and give them and Liza my highest recommendation.
-- Gerald Williams, author of The Secret of Christopher Topher

I really appreciate the strong structural editing and copyediting work Liza provided for my book, A Wealth of Family. The book was an award-winner in the Multicultural Non-Fiction Category in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards, was a USA Book News "Best Books" Award Winner, and a ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award Finalist. Thanks! 
 -- Thomas Brooks, author and motivational speaker

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