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Invited Speakers

Yuri Gurevich (Microsoft Research, USA)

Luca Vigano (University of Verona, Italy)

Gianluigi Bellin (University of Verona, Italy)

Selected Talks

1. An algebraic axiomatization of IKt system -- Aldo V. Figallo and Gustavo Pelaitay (Universidad Nacional de San Juan and Universidad Nacional del Sur Bahía Blanca, Argentina) 

2. Logic of Negation-Complete Interactive Proofs -- Simon Kramer (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

 3. J-Calc: A typed lambda calculus for Intuitionistic Justification Logic -- Konstantinos Pouliasis and Giuseppe Primiero (The Graduate Center at City University of New York NY, USA and FWO - Research Foundation Flanders Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science Ghent University, Belgium)

4. Intuitionistic Hypothetical Logic of Proofs -- Gabriela Steren and Eduardo Bonelli (UBA and UNQ and CONICET, Argentina)

5. A graph calculus for proving intuitionistic relation algebraic equations -- Renata de Freitas and Petrucio Viana (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, Brazil)

6. If, not when -- Richard Crouch and Valeria de Paiva (Nuance Communications, USA)

7. A rich language for negative modalities -- Adriano Dodó and João Marcos (UFRN, Natal-RN, Brazil)

8. Intuitionistic n-Graphs: in search of the geometry of proofs -- Anjolina de Oliveira (UFPe, Brazil)

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