Interesting Facts

  • Getting under 5 hours of sleep a night has been shown to greatly depress immune function in your body.
  • Studies show that people who lack humor in their lives tend to have less protective immune responces.
  • Toxins such as air pollution, pesticides and even second-hand cigarette smoke can affect your body's natural defense system.
  • In your blood, there are around 50 billion white cells whose only interest is to keep your body's natural defences in good condition, so don't worry if you lose 5 billion when you give blood - you still have a few left.
  • When your catecholamine and CD8 levels change, these levels can suppress the immune system.
  • Dieting decreases natural killer cell functionality, therefore weaking the immune system.
  • Regular messages have been shown to increase the number and aggressiveness of NK cells and protective antibodies, thereby giving the immune systems a boost.
  • While the body needs some sunlight to produce vitimin D, too much sunshine can suppress the immune system.
  • Even after just one month of quitting smoking, smokers can strengthen the immune system - experiencing an increase in immune cell activity and a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. 
  • The number one way to boost the immune system is to reduce stress.