A Method For Mind Uploading

A way to achieve immortality using brain uploading using currently developed technologies. This method assumes that the information content of the brain can described by it's electricaly activity.

The big question with this is whether conciousness or qualia can be retained. However, an attempt to discern this can be determined by actually trying this on, for example, cancer patients with brain tumors removed or people who are just about to die by being removed from life support.

This method could be improved by data fusion

  • electrically characterize brain tissue from many people and animals, as well as
  • data from other non-invasive imaging sources
  • data from sensory experiences of the people and animals history
  • data from scanning brain tissue at cellular level, connectomics
The task becomes one of e.g.
  • predicting connectome from electrical input-output (electrome)
  • predicting electrome from connectome
  • predicting fmri-ome from electrome
  • predicting electrome from eeg and fmri
and so on.

It might become apparent that there is a common alphabet of millions electromes across all brains and the identity of an individual is which subset of parts it contains.

Using the above data fusion it might become possible to reach enough accuracy so that even dead frozen brains can be resurrected by combinations of invasive and noninvasive scanning.

With patients who lost a part of the brain to cancer or stroke, it might be possible to reinsert the missing brain region with the computer model.