Keep everyone alive, starting from now

A practical path to immortality that can be implemented with today's knowledge and technology and at relatively low cost.

The software to drive the robots that can carry out these procedures on a daily basis is implementable today with current computer technology. It is essential to do this in an automated manner because it is too expensive and error prone to by human medical teams.

There are two parts to this plan.

Acute Survival Treatment

Processing the blood externally to
Oxygenate blood and remove Carbon Dioxide and circulate the blood
This is to take up the function of the heart and lungs
Remove toxins, bacteria and cancer cells.
microfluidic filters can be used for this.
Add needed biochemicals to blood
This is to do other functions such as the liver or kidneys in case they have failed. Externally grown tissue cultures supply these.
Robotic machines that automatically place catheters into major arteries and veins to circulate blood outside into external processing and then back in. Even with multiple organ failure this should be able to maintain the brain while longer term treatments are carried out to heal the body into a healthy state.

Long Term Treatment

Two parts, both rely on noninvasive scanning technology such as ultrasound or magnetic particle imaging.
Tissue Destruction
Inserted needles to destroy diseased or aged tissue by freezing it.
Tissue Growth
Injections of extracorporeal matrix into the tissues to grow new functional parts of organs.
This treatment is conducted on a daily basis with robots at home.

Cancer is dealt with on an ongoing basis through daily scanning and destruction of tumors as well blood filtering as described in the acute treatment.

Gradually over time the entire body is rebuilt and rebuilt again indefinitely. Fountain Of Eternal Life, Cleveland,Ohio Fountain Of Eternal Life, Cleveland, Ohio.