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The following links will provide information on immigration records for arrival to the United States from foreign ports between 1820 and 1982. These links will help you get started with your search. Do not limit your search to these sites, let's not forget oral history. Speak with your parents and grand parents; these are a rich source of information that will help you learn more.

National Archive Site:

Provides links to ship manifests, databases and specific articles on immigration of selected peoples.

Specific Immigration Topics:

German Immigration,sl&col=1002

Irish Immigration,sl&col=1002 

Russian Immigration,sl&col=1002

Chinese Immigration

Italian Immigration,sl&col=1002

Mexican Immigration

Click on tabs to see “Ellis Island Experience” and “Ellis Island and the Peopling of America” (to see analysis of different eras and where immigrants came from.)



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Websites with information on the history of immigration:

Articles, Photographs, Documents, and Information on Immigration, Immigrants, Castle Garden, Ellis Island and other immigrant stations.