Skyrim Immersive Creatures should be compatible with most mods. It contains NO edits regarding original Skyrim content such as NPCs, Armor, Weapons or other stuff. It only alters leveled lists, cell & worldspaces to distribute my content.
Most conflicts are present because of leveled list edits, but they are very easy to solve. I advise all mod users to use Wrye Bash to create a Bashed Patch. This patch creates an ESP file dependent on your personal load order. For beginners - follow the simple guide here.

I took care to touch as few vanilla records as possible. But somehow the new content must find it's way into the game. To do so I touched the following type of records:
  • NPC level list
  • Item level list
  • Cell edits
  • Worldspace edits
  • A few NPC edits 
All other things like races, spells, magic effects or other things are totally untouched. So SIC can barely be affected directly by other mods, but can profit from the changes made by other mods.

List of merged mods:

    The following mods are integrated into SIC. There is no need to run them additionally. 

Common asked compatible mods:

    Fully Compatible:
    Compatible with Bashed Patch:
    Compatible with Patch:


All patches that are downloadable form a separate mod page than the SIC Nexus page aren't created by myself. For direct support speak to the patch creator directly.