Q: I can't start my Skyrim. It crashes before the Main Menu.

  • Take care to install the right mod files. The optional file requires the DLC Dragonborn. If you don't own the DLC or you haven't it currently installed, you will get this kind of CTD. 
  • Make sure you use the latest Skyrim Version (currently v1. and the official DLC "Dawnguard"

Q: This mod contains scripts. Will this break or cripple my game?

  • No, the vanilla game uses a bunch of short scripts to give a lot of creatures a unique touch. For example Draugr, Giants or Wisp Mothers. SIC uses similar short scripts or slightly altered vanilla scripts.
  • Compared to mods like Frostfall, Wet & Cold or any basic needs mod, the scripts used in this mod are very short and don't run frequently.

Q: What will happen to my game if I uninstall the mod? Will I get save bloat?

  • No, as I said previously, the scripts are short and don't contain any OnUpdate events that can run on forever.
  • I also integrated a menu function to stop all relevant scripts before uninstalling

Q: Help - some or all of the creatures are invisible?

  • Check the installed SIC plugins. For each present ESP also a BSA with the same name must be present in your data folder.
  • If you installed SIC into a already started game, make sure to reset your cells properly.
  • If you are still suffering from invisible creatures, consider purchasing a legal version of Skyrim.

Q: After installing / upgrading, some creatures have no animation and are "skating" through the gameworld?

  • This can happen if you install or upgrade a npc related mod into a current savegame. It's sad, but nothing I can do about it. Try to reset your cells several times to get rid of the damaged stuff.

Q: How do I reset something called cells?

  • With a cell reset you achieve to respawn stuff that is meant to do so. Cells in which you aren't present in are refilled again with new enemies, items, ingredients and so on.
  • Simply go to a interior cell. Best choice is one without any NPCs (followers are ok) - maybe your own home. Sleep or wait for at least 31 ingame days... that's all.  SIC gives you a quicker way to achieve this - follow the instructions for cell reset.

Q: My character has blue, red glowing eyes or other unwanted attached magic effects. What can I do about it?

  • This is a known problem and can occur also with no mods installed. This should help you: Detailed Forum Thread about the problem!

Q: Some Skeletons or Draugr are just standing around doing nothing while equipped a crossbow / dagger or staff?

  • Some mod authors decide to add weapons to level lists that aren't supposed to distribute this kind of weapons. The above mentioned NPCs simply don't have an animation for this kind of weapons.
  • I have no intention to change this because other mods don't make this mistake and I want my creatures to wield modded weapons, too.

Q: Can you make a version without Dawnguard dependency?

  • Sorry, SIC uses several assets from the DLC: npcs, spells, magiceffects, factions and many more assets. Instead of spending time in cleaning it up and releasing a standalone version, I will keep on creating new stuff.
  • But all upcoming DLCs are handled via separate esp file. So no more dependencies for using this mod.

Q: Help - I die a lot.

  • Sorry, just become stronger. Or use the MCM to tone down the mod difficulty.

Q: Is your mod compatible with mod XYZ.

  • SIC should be compatible with most mods out there. So far there have been no reports about confirmed conflicts.
  • To avoid obvious conflicts with mods of the same kind (for example SkyMoMod) use Wrye Bash to create a Bashed Patch. This ensures that you encounter stuff from all of your merged mods.

Q: I don't like creature XYZ! Is there a lore friendly version?

  • There is no need for that. Check the MCM, introduced with v6. It offers the ability to customize the creature spawns as you want. All SIC releases from v6 upwards contain all additional changes made by jackstarr in his Skyrim Immersive Creatures v5 - Purist Lore-Friendly replacer. He also assist me with his great lore knowledge in future versions.