Skyrim Immersive Creatures v6.5.2a Changelog


  • carried forward cell changes from current Unofficial Patches
  • adjusted AI settings for Dwarven ambush Centurion LvlNPC
  • added proper fix for immortal centurions
  • dragon perch marker isFullLOD flags removed to fix compatibility issues with Run For Your Lives
  • adjusted SICWERoad Quest Node
  • removed some Durzog entries from canyon prey level list and added more animal entries -> rarer Durzog encounter
  • changed Durzog death item list (removed boar items)
  • adjusted vanilla giant lists -> more vanilla type giants
  • ITM record cleaned in the DLC2 esp

Skyrim Immersive Creatures v6.5.2 Changelog


    • added low level variants of Daedra Worshipper
    • added new unique Daedra summon staffs (carried by worshippers)
    • Dwarven Mechanical Dragons now have a 50% spawn chance
    • added several Dragon Marker at Dwemer Ruins -> no more perma flying Dragons and more dynamic fights
    • exchanged some Draman shouts with their Draman variants
    • raised general Draman shout cooldown ( + 5-15 sec. depends on shout type)
    • added Storm Call shout to high level Draman Bosses
    • fixed a bug that causes disabled Draman bosses to respawn after loading a savegame
    • revamped additional spawn script -> controllable max spawn amount (1-3) / lowered general chance to get three additional actors to 20%
    • wolves will know only get additional spawns fitting their fur color: black / grey, red, brown / timber and snow / ice
    • repositioned the swords on Imperial & Stormcloack saddles
    • added MCM option to stop NPC potion distribution (ASIS compatibility)
    • added MCM option to raise the slider value range for cell options (Requiem compatibility)
    • fixed a bug that prevents applying user set cell values if the random respawner is set to "Deactivated"
    • fixed a bug that made Steel Plate and Stormcloak Helmets invisible
    • added wearable variant of the wingless Steel Plate Helmet & hornless Iron Helmet
    • adjusted several SIC event conditions
    • altered kill handling of the Cliffracer script and implemented the USKP solution to prevent save bloat
    • fixed big collision of Cliffracers
    • implemented several script improvements from the upcoming unofficial patches update
    • carried forward misc changes from the upcoming unofficial patches update

    Skyrim Immersive Creatures v6.5.1 Changelog


      • updated Soul Cairn spawn trigger references to prevent log spam
      • tweaked several AI packages for certain SIC random events
      • reimplemented SIC boss toggles
      • added option to enable unrestricted Skeleton resurrection
      • added unique spider poisons for several SIC spider variants
      • added new armor variant for Dremoras 
      • added Dreugh

      Skyrim Immersive Creatures v6.5 Changelog

      New Content:

        • Falmer Overhaul (>600 new variants, complete integration of female falmer + 5 skin variants per gender)
        • new wearable Falmer Shaman Armor & Falmer Circlet
        • added female Falmer vampires + Frozen Statue (ambush)
        • added Durzog variants (appear only together with Goblins)
        • added Daedroth + summon spell
        • added Draman Brute (3 variants)
        • added Blackreach Crystal Guardian
        • added Chaurus Crawler and new Chaurus variants
        • added 4 Mudcrab variants
        • added male spriggan variants for all vanilla & SIC female Spriggan variants
        • added 2 new fish variants
        • added improved meshes for Heathstone & Stalhrim Guardian
        • added missing Gem Guardian encounters to Solstheim (Amethyst -, Emerald -, Ruby- and Sapphire Guardian)
        • added spider ambush spawns to Solstheim's spider egg sacs 
        • added new wolf pup mesh
        • added two new wolf variants (timber & brown) and vanilla wolf pups

        Improved Random Events:

          • added around 80 new event types (Skyrim & Solstheim)
          • moved all quests from v6.1.3 to new quest nodes (full compatibility with other mods)
          • increased variety of events (night, named NPC, factions, SIC creatures) - see Google Page for more details
          • full controllable via new MCM page

          Improved Night Spawns:

            • randomized spawns at night with adjustable spawn chance via MCM
            • added functionality that prevents spawns in certain locations
            • added checks to prevent "in your face" spawns

            Script Changes:

              • completely rebuilt the MCM script (use of object states rather than state variables)
              • changed MCM design to a more centralized feature orientated appearance 
              • changed SIC Update Monitor script to not use any OnUpdate events
              • changed functionality of the NPC transformer script and removed OnUpdate event
              • added further restrictions to SIC magic effect scripts to prevent them from attaching to the player
              • incorporated script changes from the unofficial Patches v2 into their SIC counterparts (Spriggan, Burnt Spriggan and Ore Guardian scripts)
              • added several none checks to prevent possible papyrus log error spam


                • fixed the gargoyle stalker
                • fixed two item descriptions (Clutterbane & Nullsprocket)
                • fixed Yngol's boss chest 
                • corrected an issue within the SIC Spriggan level list that could lead to a CTD (very rare)
                • added spider excluder to a few spiders that miss the ability
                • carried forward cell,worldspace, NPC & misc changes from the latest unofficial patches (2.0)


                  • spell tome distribution can now be toggled (MCM)
                  • debug feature that allows to remove unwanted magic effects from the player (SIC effects only)
                  • altered Golden Saint mesh and general used SIC body textures to get rid of adult content