The Massillon Museum is undergoing the conservation of the Immel Circus, a carved miniature replica of an entire circus lot. The curator, Alexandra Nicholis and intern, Cristina Savu, along with a group of volunteers, will restore this beloved Museum attraction to its original condition  through basic cleaning methods and supervision local conservator, Larry Sisson.
The Immel Circus Conservation Project is in anticipation of the "Sawdust and Spectacle" exhibit (to be loaned by the Southern Ohio Museum) that will be housed in the second floor galley space of the Museum. The grand re-opening of the Immel Circus will coincide with the "Sawdust and Spectacle" exhibit on May 19th, National Circus Day!
The Immel Circus is one of the most popular objects in the collection of the Massillon Museum. It is 100 square feet and has 2,620 peices! Every piece in the circus has a story. Most of the pieces were hand- carved by Massillon dentist and avid collector of circus memorabilia, Dr. Robert Immel. Dr. Immel intended for the diorama to replicate an accurate portrayal of a day at the circus.
    "Please observe that I have tried to make the appearence of the circus look like it is actually in motion. As if everybody was doing something and someone said "hold it!" and everybody stopped." - Dr. Robert Immel