for singers and accompanists
April 4 - 7, 2016


Dunja VEJZOVIĆ, mezzosoprano, Croatia

Wilma VERNOCCHI, soprano, Italy

Liisa PIMIÄ, accompanist, Finland

Gerhard ZELLER, interpretation of songs for singers in pianists, Austria

Karlheinz DONAUER, interpretation of oratory and chanson, Austria


Masterclass is intended for singers and accompanists who wish to improve their vocal technique, interpretation, expression and upgrade stage experience. Participants can register in two categories: active and passive.


Contents of the Masterclass:

                                     Ø  the role of vocal and breathing techniques

                                     Ø  interpretation of song for singers and pianist

                                     Ø  interpretation of operatic aria for the singers and pianist

                                     Ø  interpretation of oratorio for singers and pianists

                                     Ø  interpretation of chanson for singers and pianists

                                     Ø  closing concert


Program  for active participants:

Ø  two songs

Ø  two operatic arias

Ø  aria from oratorio, mass or cantata

Ø  chanson


Fee for seminar participants:

                                  Ø active participants: 200€ or 60€ per day

                                  Ø passive participants: 90€ or 25€ per day


Transfer fee:

IBAN:                              SI56 24100-9003950677 (Raiffeisen bank)

BIC (SWIFT):                  KREKSI22XXX

The purpose of transfer:   fee-seminar-surname
Reference:                        SI00 12000-8000

Recipient of the transfer: Anton Martin Slomšek Institute
                                         Vrbanska c. 30
                                         2000 Maribor


Required documents:

                                Ø photo

                                Ø CV

                                Ø A photocopy of passport or idetity card

                                Ø A photocopy of payment of registration fee

New application deadline: March 14th, 2016

Application form

In order to apply for  the course, please fill in the online application form.

Sheet music for Chanson is available here.